Vibrational Attunement Therapy is a non-intrusive, non-obtrusive, energy therapy that facilitates change, whilst dramatically speeding up your healing process. Each session increases vibrational frequency and light quotient, thus creating a stronger connection to Self.

With the assistance of your higher consciousness, the intentions that you set prior to the sessions and your willingness to heal, the vibrational frequency of your physical and subtle bodies are increased to allow you to recognize, embrace and release challenges and issues that surround you, from either this reality or that of parallel realities.  To further assist you in your journey and integration of the Vibrational Attunement session, subtle body repair will be made where necessary and all sessions are concluded with a full energetic alignment and grounding.

Sessions generally begin with a short guided meditation to assist you in relaxing, so that your subtle bodies may expand and work can take place.  Vibrational Attunement Therapy is experienced on many levels, through subtle and physical bodies as well as the inner and outer realms.

vibrational attainment

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Phil Davies