Ariel Tang

Chi Nei Tsang, CraniSacral Therapy, Reiki
+852 2530 3315

Ariel is a curious soul, spiritual seeker, yoga teacher trainer and practitioner in Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage), Reiki Healing, and CranioSacral Therapy.

She has been a movement teacher since 1994. With a background in dance, gymnastics, yoga and Lagree Fitness, her heart lit up whenever she was empowering people to be their true selves and live joyful healthy lives. Movement and healing touch have come so naturally for her since a very young age.

After leaving her successful finance career 12 years ago, she felt lost and disheartened. While she was very glad to have made the leap of leaving a career that didn’t align with her nature, she wasn’t sure how she could “make a living” doing what she loved – wellness, spirituality and joyful living. It wasn’t until a few years of soul-searching, trial-and-error and meeting others who had successfully created abundance and a fulfilling life doing what they felt inspired that she decided to just “go for it”. And then, the rest was history.

Following her inner voice, she has studied Reiki Healing and teaching with Masters Isabella Summer, Matt Shum and Chantal Phillips; CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute; Visceral Manipulation with the Barrel Institute; and Chi Nei Tsang I & II with international Taoist Master and the author of over 55 books – Master Mantak Chia.

Her life purpose is to live in harmony with life and help others not only be free from suffering but also thrive and shine.


More on Ariel…

  • She loves to sing and chant. She believes in the healing power of music and sound.
  • She has a traveling bug
  • She is a big Harry Potter fan
  • She is writing a book
  • She is picking up skateboarding as a new hobby
  • She believes all healing is eventually self-healing – we must take responsibility for our own health.


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Ariel has a beautiful welcoming energy and is a knowledgeable and intuitive body worker

I came to see Ariel because I had chronic tension in my jaw and abdominal area. I had 4 sessions in total and it greatly helped with the symptoms. Ariel has a beautiful welcoming energy and is a knowledgeable and intuitive body worker. I highly recommend!