Catherine Hermant

Registered Kinesiologist (Australian Kinesiology Association); Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (IIN);
Member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine; Member of the Royal Medicine Society;
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Catherine is a Kinesiologist, Nutrition Coach and Detox specialist and has been practicing energy and body therapies with her clients for more than 15 years. She combines Energetic Kinesiology techniques with the latest Functional Nutritional science to provide her clients the best and long-lasting results.

She helps people that have chronic issues, be it physical, emotional, or mental to overcome their fears and their conditions so that they can get back to enjoying their life and fulfilling their purpose, releasing them from the burden of their previous struggles and pain.

Catherine is passionate about seeing transformation within her clients using an integral and functional approach through Nutrition and Detoxification strategies as well as Kinesiology to understand the root cause of individual’s issues and to support the person’s own healing process.

Her sessions can be conducted fluently in either English or French.

Catherine's Key Clinical Interest

  • Nutrition
  • Detoxification

Catherine's Trainings completed

  • Functional Nutrition
  • Kinesiology


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Most everyday problems that people experience can be traced back to stress that is locked up deep within the body, mind, and energy system. Stress can be stored in any or a combination of those systems in places such as muscles, bones, organs, nervous system, cells, blood, DNA, aura, chakras etc… which may manifest in adverse physical, emotional, and mental reactions.

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Nutrition Coaching

Wellbeing and Health are deeply rooted in Nutrition. Far more than what we eat, Nutrition is the food or nutrients we can transform and absorb.

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Yoga Nidra therapy

Yoga Nidra, which is Sanskrit for the “Yoga of Sleep” is the practise of conscious deep sleep state that brings you relaxation, peace, and inner joy. It combines the profound principles and practises of Yoga’s teachings with powerful mind-body techniques such as breathing work, meditation, and visualisation.

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Customer Testimonials

We support you in your journey to HEAL, GROW and FIND BLISS

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“After being through challenging times and completed very positive progress with both a therapist and a personal coach, I was feeling good and back on track. However still not « Great » as I continued to face a low level of energy and confidence: there was still one item I could not manage to let go. I had the chance and the opportunity to be introduced to Catherine Hermant Van Den Bruek with who I set a first « let’s try and see » appointment! To my best benefit, Catherine in her capacity as kinesiologist surprised me by her ability not only to find the root cause behind the challenges I was battling with but as well with her capacity to manage them out and clear me from them putting me back on a track for a brighter and confident future. This experience may sound amazing but as it starts from a space full of trust and benevolence, only good things could be the outcomes. I highly recommend Catherine to whoever is ready to open up and move toward a better and healthier version of yourself.”


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“I have been doing kinesiology with Catherine since last year. I really enjoy each session. I definitely noticed some drastic improvements based on the points I chose to work on. Kinesiology brought me more awareness about me and people around me. It also helped me to change my old habits in dealing with what used to be difficult situations. Catherine has a great personality, really open minded with an outgoing personality, she made me feel super comfortable from the first session. Kinesiology is a great tool to learn about ourselves and pursue our journey through life.”


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“Since my period started, I suffered from heavy cramps, mood swings and anxiety. I have been seeking some alternative paths rather than medications and Catherine provided me her great support, both on the physical and mental levels. We worked on my hormones imbalances and after only two sessions, it reduced the level of my anxiety episodes greatly and I do no longer have pain. It is wonderful!”


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“I strongly recommend Catherine Hermant’s sessions for a learning/performance enhancement. Both my daughter and I have recently had amazing results from her therapy. I’ve been learning my musical instrument (Er-hu) since forever and had been eager to go to the next level for a long while. After one therapy from Catherine, I was thrilled the next day when I played my Er-hu because I felt that I was united with my instrument (for the first time), especially when I was sliding my fingers down the strings, the movement flowed so naturally and effortlessly. I finally started to play my instrument with my heart. That was “some” experience that I can’t really describe it. As for my daughter, she plays the violin and was going to take her ABRSM grade 3 exam last month. She became very nervous and even often expressed that she hated playing the violin and wanted to stop playing it after the exam. After one session with Catherine whom she quickly adored, she told me that she loved her violin – she hugged and kissed her violin while telling me that. She became more relaxed about taking the exam. So, thanks Catherine!”

-Chingmay Jo

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“C. G Jung said -“I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become.” But one’s choices in life is very much subject to one’s subconscious. With Catherine’s help, through kinesiology, I discovered the layers of subconscious beliefs that were controlling my behaviour.These beliefs were obstacles to what I want to be. Once these subconscious beliefs were uncovered, I could take steps to address them. When these beliefs were corrected, real change started to unfold. I felt like I am making real progress. This experience is very different from my previous attempts to make changes which often were hit and miss. Time spent with Catherine is a wise investment which I am sure would generate priceless return in time. “


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Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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