Leverage the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal you physically,mentally and spirtually.

Covid19 Immunity Booster Package

The specially curated package will support you and your family in these trying times. From covid-19 prevention, to medication and to maintenance, our TCM practitioners got you covered. The package comes with an online TCM consultation and 3-day Chinese medicine herbs tailored to your health needs. (29) (53)

Chinese Body Type Test

Our Chinese Body Type Test that is an in-depth blueprint analysis of your overall health with a personalized report on the best Chinese Medicine treatment based on your unique body constitution.
The test includes a thorough assessment of Ying & Yang balance, overall life force (Qi), and energy of five elements related to five main organ systems.
It will take approximately 10 to 15 mins. You’ll receive your results immediately upon completion.

Standard Online
TCM Consultation

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors are certified licensed and help relieve patients suffering from chronic diseases like cancer, women’s health issues such as infertility, menopause, PMS and hormonal imbalances, allergies, asthma and digestive issues. They can also offer pieces of advice on managing stress, insomnia, anxiety and others. (54)


Appointments & Classes

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