Tennis Ball Pain Self Massage Tips

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Are you prone to headaches, migraines, tight jaws, poor memory, lack of focus? Experiencing elbow and wrist pains?

Then your upper body, neck and shoulders are probably very tight as well.

When working on your computer, typing, reading, or even thinking about a complex situation, your energy is directed up to your head area where it is needed.

The YANG (active) energy’s nature is to rise up, but unfortunately it tends to stay up there and stagnate, leading to these symptoms. Look at how many MERIDIANS AND POINTS are located on the neck and head area! If you do not move, they get stuck!

Perhaps you feel that you do not have the time right now for a break or for a session, and have you been too busy to exercise lately?! Or maybe your last work-out session put you under strain, leaving you feeling frustrated and as if the workout had not been effective. Let’s not wait until the week-end to do something about it. You can take charge now, and it isn’t a chore. In fact it is a positive pleasure.

Try this exercise:



I was introduced to it during the Body-Mind Movement back in 2008, and since then I have used it and recommended it often.

Taking regular breaks and gentle exercises such as this tennis ball self-massage will help you to keepyour joints mobile and free promoting blood and oxygen supply in your brain, increasing creativity and the overall sense of wellness!

It can be a little bit painful at first, especially if you are really tense!

Certainly I am not a believer of the “no pain no gain” theory. We are not looking to push through pain barriers here. Practiced with MINDFULNESS, this can be the best self-help tool for you.

When we experience tension, the usual reaction is to restrict our focus and as a result separate and even isolate the area from the rest of the body, which is in return causing a loop in the pattern of pain-tension. The pain and tension are made worse by focusing on the area in isolation from the rest of the body.

Pressure and breath, brings you back together and breaks the cycle.

Wherever the point of tension may be, you will know you have found the right one because it will feel tender at first but there will be the “good pain factor”: “oh it’s right there!” feeling or “Mmm, interesting, I did not know I had a muscle there!” That is what we are looking for: your body is awakening! BE CURIOUS, as a LIVING SCIENTIST!


Start by deciding to dedicate 5 to 10 minutes to yourself NOW.

Stand with your back to a wall, and place the tennis ball behind your back. Lean against the wall, and position the ball so that it lies in the groove between your spine and shoulder blade.s Move yourself up and down, and side to side while leaning against the wall to massage the area.

Use your BREATH as you SENSE your body: relax on the ball and exhale slightly longer than usual. Progressively broaden your awareness to include other parts of your body , notice how they react and follow your body bliss.


Time should fly, but allow at least 2 to 5 minutes for each side, as often as needed. If at the office, once every hour would be perfect ( Who cares if you are looking funny, you will be more efficient!)

Be patient with yourself, if you experience pain, do it more gently but more often. Great results come with repetition, and from a place of not knowing/ not expecting/not wanting.


Of course, it will never feel as good and complete as a customized Shiatsu session where it is done for you by warm expert hands.

Zen Shiatsu is also called “the listening hands technique” and besides relieving tensions, people find it to provide the receiver with greater insight of his/her body as a whole. If you get a chance, experience it!


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