Infertility is a widespread problem all over the world. But what are the reasons suffering from infertility? Experts at the University of California at San Diego (2005) state that stress plays a role in the success of infertility treatments, including IVF. Women who were most stressed had ovulated 20% fewer eggs compared to women who were less stressed and were 20% less likely to achieve successful fertilisation.

Balance Health supports fertilization with a holistic approach that means that our treatments can be combined with Western medicine. With a natural, safe and non-invasive way we can fulfill your desire to have children. Considering holistic therapies and alternative approaches like acupuncture, shiatsu, Yuen method and awareness of nutrition will support your ovulation and bring your menstrual cycle in order. The treatments support your body and mind. Statistics show an increasing fertility rate after treating with a holistic approach. Additionally many researchers argue that acupuncture increases blood flow to the uterus and promotes production of ovulation- and fertility-regulating hormones, both of which should increase conception rates.

  • Chinese Medicine and Fertility

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    Chinese Medicine strengthens the body naturally by regulating hormones, stimulating the nervous system and easing pain and stress. Chinese medicine is a powerful tool before, during and after your fertility treatment. Clinical studies show that Chinese medicine can increase the success rate of IUI and IVF especially for women younger than 40 years provided that the oviduct is not clogged. It is also effective in improving the inner environment of the uterus and preparing the body for the implementation as confirmed by David Johnson (2006). Chinese medicine regulates the menstrual cycles as well as the ovulation. It supports the supply of ovaries and improves the quality of eggs.

  • Shiatsu and Fertility

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    Shiatsu is known as an alternative medicine for women suffering from infertility. The approach of Shiatsu is to help women getting awareness and consciousness about their own body. Treating infertility is quite stressful for the body – physically as well as emotionally.

    Shiatsu is very supportive as an unique combination of touch, breathing and gentle movements. It balances the nervous system, improves circulation and organ functions. Shiatsu – also known as a Japanese finger pressure therapy - promotes relaxation and supports many ailments of pregnancy.

  • Yuen Method and Fertility

    yuen method

    The Yuen Method explores the imbalances which are only the origin of pain and only the symptom of a blockade. Mainly stress and an imbalance of your mind-set will be treated with the Yuen Method. This complementary profound health technique can greatly increase your fertility and wish for pregnancy.

  • Nutrition and Fertility

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    The American Pregnancy Association suggests taking three months to a year for nutrition changes. Food or chemicals damage our hormones or mimic our hormones in the body causing us to be dominant in certain hormones, which causes imbalance. When optimizing our nutritional intake we not only nourish our cells with the best possible nutrients that are needed for our cells to function properly and efficiently, we also optimize our chances of conception and create a healthy embryo and pregnancy. Experience how nutrition affects your infertility. The impacts are immense on: PCOS, blood sugar imbalance (high blood sugar or blood insulin), infertility, menopause and PMS.

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