Weight Loss With Traditional Chinese Medicine

What will you get:

6x acupuncture sessions
6x ear seeds therapy sessions
3x cupping therapy sessions

Key benefits: 

  • Acupuncture strengthens the digestion and boosts your metabolism
  • Ear seeds manages your cravings by targeting acupoints such as the hunger and thirst points
  • Cupping helps eliminates toxins from our body and restores our energy.

Price – 6,900 HKD

Savings -2, 700 HKD

What are the benefits of this package?



Acupuncture strengthens the digestive system

Acupuncture could stimulate energy flow in the meridians of the spleen, stomach, liver and kidney. With accumulated stimulus, it could strengthen the digestion and increase the metabolism of the body to eliminate the dampness.

Another benefit of acupuncture is that it could help to adjust the sleeping quality and manage stress. Both of them are related to weight gain as well.

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Ear seeds

Ear seeds manage the cravings

Ear seed is an acupressure treatment that places adhesive tape with cowherb seed on some acupuncture points in the ear to manage the cravings. Some acupoints we will use are the endocrine, shen men, spleen, stomach, hunger & thirst points.

It is convenient that you could press on the seeds to generate stimulus by yourself at home to prolong the treatment effect.

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Cupping- get rid of dampness and other toxins

Cupping would leave some marks on the skin. The darker the marks, the deeper the toxins. During the cupping process, it generates a power to force the dampness moving from inner layers to the superficial layers of the body.

And, during the recovering of the marks, it also brings more blood flow to the meridian points we place the cups, which further helps the body to get rid of the waste and restore more energy. 

What causes excessive weight gain?

We believe that excessive weight gain (if it is not a healthy one) could be an outcome of accumulation of dampness in the body.

Dampness is a typical pathogen or waste in the body which is difficult to eliminate by normal body functions.

It could be related with deficiency in the spleen and stomach which influences digestion; or eating too much food could add on a burden to the spleen and the stomach: the undigested food becomes dampness instead of nutrients. 

Hormonal imbalance and other related women’s health such as PCOS, menopause and hypothyroidism can also cause weight gain. When women reach their menopausal years, the sex hormone level will drop drastically. For example, in these times, the estrogen level will decrease and that would cause a lot of changes in the physical body. Along with this is the decline in the metabolic rate that could result in weight gain.

People who have PCOS also experience drop in their estrogen levels . When this happens, it can lead to weight gain. Lastly, hypothyroidism  affects our thyroid glands. When you have hypothyroidism, the hormone in the thyroids would be insufficient. This  would cause your body to react to it and could trigger weight gain, swelling and water retention.

Weight Loss With TCM Min

Dr Clara Chan is the master on the diffrent areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has helped a lot of client in their fertility journey.

She deeply believes that based on TCM theory, mind and body are well connected. Through using appropriate TCM intervention, the energy within the patients could be enhanced and in turn expedite their self -healing process. When the Yin and Yang of their  mind and body is balanced, their health will be fully restored.

Weight Loss With TCM 1 Min

An extremely popular TCM doctor Dr. Michelle Zhang is fascinated by the mind-body connection and, like all practitioners at Balance Health, She approaches health issues in an emphathetic and holistic way.

As a both a registered TCM doctor and holding a Masters in Counselling. Dr Michelle Zhang is well-versed in Accupuncture and TCM to treat women’s health issues such as hormonal imbalance and fertility, chronic pain, or emotional challenges like stress and anxiety management. She loves to integrate holistic techniques such as Singing Bowl into her treatments to put her patients at ease with the treatments.

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