Chi Nei Tsang

In Chinese, it literally means “working the energy of the internal organs” or “internal organs chi transformation.”

About Chi Nei Tsang


The practice of Chi Nei Tsang massage comes from the ancient Chinese Taoist knowledge and tradition. The treatment focuses on a set of acupressure points around the navel is used to open the flow of energy as well as blood and lymph circulation in the abdomen.


The often chronically contracted abdominal muscles and ligaments get released through gentle rocking, stretching, and shaking. This allows the process of breathing to engage the abdomen so that internal organs are prompted to work more efficiently. It can be seen as a form of “applied qigong.”

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Benefits From Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang is one of Balance Health’s holistic energy healing and bodywork treatments that can help you address unprocessed emotions and improve the functioning of the internal organs.

In addition to detoxifying and energizing of internal organs, Chi Nei Tsang massage is also a profoundly transformative therapeutic form of bodywork that helps to dissolve physical and emotional blocks in the abdominal area.

People who have had this form of alternative therapy often reported that they could take a deep breath, the upper body (shoulders and neck) got relaxed,

abdominal space got more opened and energized, the ribcage got pliable and back less rigid, and the flow of energy opened between the upper and lower parts of the body.

Chi Nei Tsang has been reported to be helpful with constipation, bloating, diarrhea, removing knots and cramps in the abdomen. In addition, it is effective in managing indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual pains, infertility and impotence. Back and neck pains, neck tensions, shoulder tensions are also among the health conditions that Chi Nei Tsang is effective with. 

As a word of guidance, you cannot have Chi Nei Tsang if you are pregnant or on your menstrual cycle as well as if you had any kind of abdominal surgery within the past year.


What to Expect

The practitioner directly presses on specific points in the abdominal area that relate to internal organs and at the same time the receiver, guided by the therapist, applies a particular deep breathing method, comprising “six healing sounds.

For significant long lasting changes it is recommended to experience 4 sessions in a month.

In addition to Chi Nei Tsang, Balance Health and wellness center offers other holistic bodywork and alternative treatments. Our holistic health practitioners can help address your chronic pain, stress, anxiety and other physical and emotional symptoms through effective techniques

such as deep tissue massage, integrative manual therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, holistic physiotherapy hong kong, sports massage, tuina Chinese massage and pediatric tuina massage therapy. You can also reach out to our experts about common health conditions like flu and cold through our virtual consultations.

Book an appointment and start your holistic health journey today.

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Chi Nei Tsang

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Mona Choi
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Mona is a certified Ancient (Yoga) Massage therapist and instructor with over 15 years of experience
Mona is a certified Ancient (Yoga) Massage therapist and instructor with over 15 years of experience in various aspects of holistic bodywork, including Thai or Yoga Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organ Massage), and the Raindrop Technique. Her experience was strengthened when she trained in India as an instructor at the Ancient Massage Foundation under Rahu Bharti. Her practice is inspired by the foundation, using a combination of powerful massage techniques and energetic healing to heal the body, mind and spirit.
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