When a person is feeling unwell, it is believed that the chakras may be distorted, preventing energy from flowing freely through the body and causing blockages throughout the system. These blockages can be caused through a variety of traumatic events at some point in life, stress, poor diet, lack of exercise to name but three.

Crystals help to create a flow of energy that begins to promote healing by clensing, balancing, and re-energizing the body's energy field. Different crystals have different healing properties, they heal holistically and work on the physical, psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the individual.
Other crystals work in a very subtle way, bringing deep inner healing and the true essence of love and self-love, it is particularly helpful during a period of sorrow. Some are very proactive and help us feel grounded.

The combination of Crystal Therapy and Holistic Massage not only relieves tension in the body, but has all the benefits of normal massage but can also clam the mind, and nourish the soul, and bring healing on a number of different levels simultaneously.

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Crystal Massage Therapy
Crystal Massage Therapy