The breath is linked to every system and function within us. It is the simplest and quickest tool we have under our control to re-calibrate and elevate our internal state to match the nonstop demands of the external world.
Learn the ultimate biohack that Navy SEALs, Silicon Valley CEOs, first responders, athletes, fighters, monks and biohackers have been using to achieve their best in life.

Cold Therapy

Is there a way to safely train ourselves to become more resilient to the stressors of life? The same as you would train to climb a freezing cold mountain with iceman Wim Hof. Cold therapy can provide a vast array of benefits on our body and can also improve your overall response to stress. Meaning your response to other types of stressors (mental, physical, emotional) will also be positively impacted.

Team Training

From the battlefield to the boardroom, the breath has been used to boost energy, manage stress, relieve anxiety, curb burnout and achieve a state of clarity and flow
Strengthen your team by arming them with the ultimate tools to help them better navigate work and life with specialised breath training.

Our Therapists

Brian Lai