Proper breathing is crucial to our physical and mental health. Our breath gives the oxygen that our body needs to live. As normal as it is, our breath is affected whenever we are stressed out emotionally or physically. This is where breathwork practices are truly helpful.

Guided Breathwork as a Holistic Healing Method

The breath is the only body system that we can control and modulate.

It’s a genuine holistic tool as it can access and balance our physical, energetic, emotional, mental and even spiritual state 

-It is truly helpful to our  physical wellness as it allows us to access our other systems such as digestive, cardiovascular, muscular, immune and endocrine systems.

-It  is the pump that collect, store, move and balance our body energy

-It is a gateway to our emotional and mental state, readjusting brain chemistry and giving access to the subconscious mind to unlock blockages.

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What are the other emotional and physical benefits from breathwork?

– Mood elevation

– blood PH alkalization

– anti-inflammation

– balanced blood pressure

– more deep sleep time

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Transcendental or Holotropic Breathwork

Transcendental or holotropic breathwork are powerful tools for self-exploration and healing that integrate insights from various practices including psychology, music therapy, anthropology and Eastern spiritual practices. Anyone who is seeking healing for past issues,  or psychosomatic blockages may benefit from these practices. It would also benefit those who are seeking insight, guidance or access to intuition and creativity.

Transcendental or holotropic breathwork combines accelerated breathing and sensory immersion with a specially designed musical journey. The aim is to access insight and healing in non-ordinary/expanded states of consciousness.

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Holistic Healing for You & Your Family

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Cupping therapy is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that involves suctioning or vacuuming sections of the body. The cups are heated by swabbing rubbing alcohol on the bottom and then lighting the cup. It can also be done by placing an inverted cup over a flame to aid in suctioning.

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Facial Acupuncture

Praised for hundreds of years in Asia for its anti-age benefits, facial acupuncture brings about a revolution in our quest for beauty. Facial acupuncture has various health benefits for us just like the other acupuncture Hong Kong treatments that Balance Health and wellness center offers. It can reduce wrinkles, lift sagging skin, eliminate fine lines and improve skin colour and texture. Many have found it to be effective even after one treatment.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Balance Health’s registered Chinese medicine doctors combine the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with a holistic view of your physical and emotional needs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the fundamental objective is to restore and maintain the natural balance in your body.

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Nutritional Coaching

Food is energy. It can make us vibrant and help us to climb our daily mountains or it can plumet us slowly and surely. Once our energy is dysregulated, our body-mind-spirit are affected. However, through Functional Nutrition, we have the power to influence easily and rapidly what we are made of and how we can function at an optimal level.

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Thomas Amiard
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Bx Phone +852 2530 3315
Thomas Amiard, is a French psychotherapist, personal development and breathwork specialist, speaker, sound engineer, and artist.
Through traditional and modern practices such as performance breathwork and holotropic breathwork, and proceeding from a holistic perspective, he will guide you on a journey to a better self-understanding, empowerment, emotional and mental balance, as well as direct access to intuition, creativity, and transcendental experiences.
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Brian Lai
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Bx Phone +852 2530 3315
Brian is a breathwork coach from Australia currently based in Hong Kong (China).
He discovered breathwork during his journey to find answers to some health issues he has been living with for a long time. His search eventually led him to Wim Hof, who is best known for his superhuman abilities and 26 world records. From 2016 to 2017, he had the privilege to be trained directly by Wim Hof, becoming the first certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method in Australia and Asia.
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Energy Medicine
Heal your body by channelizing the universe’s energy to your physical being.
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Women’s Health & Fertility
Effective treatments for infertility, gynecological health and menopausal health issues.
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Pain Management
Natural alternative therapies like physiotherapy and bodyworks for chronic pain.
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Mental Wellbeing
Hypnotherapy, sound therapy, breathwork for stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.
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Effective coaching programs to be the best version of yourself.


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