Proper breathing is crucial to our physical and mental health. Our breath gives the oxygen that our body needs to live. As normal as it is, our breath is affected whenever we are stressed out emotionally or physically. This is where breathwork practices are truly helpful.

What is breathwork?

Breathwork happens when we modulate our breath consciously in order for us to achieve the results that we are aiming for. 

Guided breathwork is becoming more and more popular today as most of us are now living a life focused on wellness and health. However, this practice is not something new, all around the world people have been practicing breathing techniques for thousands of years now.

Some breathwork practices are rooted in ancient traditions, some others, have been reshaped through scientific research.

Guided Breathwork as a Holistic Healing Method

The breath is the only body system that we can control and modulate.

It’s a genuine holistic tool as it can access and balance our physical, energetic, emotional, mental and even spiritual state 

-It is truly helpful to our  physical wellness as it allows us to access our other systems such as digestive, cardiovascular, muscular, immune and endocrine systems.

-It  is the pump that collect, store, move and balance our body energy

-It is a gateway to our emotional and mental state, readjusting brain chemistry and giving access to the subconscious mind to unlock blockages.

-It is also possible to connect to intuitive, creative, or spiritual insights, accessing the superconscious mind

What are the other emotional and physical benefits from breathwork?

– Mood elevation

– blood PH alkalization

– anti-inflammation

– balanced blood pressure

– more deep sleep time

– insomnia therapy

– PTSD and other traumatic feelings reduction

– stronger respiratory system

– better immunity

– depression and anxiety therapy

– improved mental focus

– decreased addictive behaviors

– better life outlook

Learn more about the different breathwork practices that Balance Health experts use for holistic health. Understand and practice the ultimate techniques that Navy SEALs, Silicon Valley CEOs, first responders, athletes, monks and biohackers have been using to achieve their best in life.

Transcendental or Holotropic Breathwork

Transcendental or holotropic breathwork are powerful tools for self-exploration and healing that integrate insights from various practices including psychology, music therapy, anthropology and Eastern spiritual practices. Anyone who is seeking healing for past issues,  or psychosomatic blockages may benefit from these practices. It would also benefit those who are seeking insight, guidance or access to intuition and creativity.

Transcendental or holotropic breathwork combines accelerated breathing and sensory immersion with a specially designed musical journey. The aim is to access insight and healing in non-ordinary/expanded states of consciousness. With the eyes closed and comfortably lying on a mat under a specialist supervision, each person uses their own breathing supported by musical mix to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness and activate our natural healing process. The experience is entirely internal and largely non-verbal  without interventions.

Entering a non-ordinary state of consciousness, in this context, activates the natural inner healing process, generating experiences unique to each person for that particular time and place. Breathers often experience recurring themes, but no two breathwork sessions are ever the same.

Each Transcendental Breathwork session starts with a breath assessment and is followed by a two steps integration process to get the best out of the experience.


Before joining:

Fill the medical

Listen to the audio introduction (45mn)


1-Breath assessment

2-Session 2h

3-Recollection & integration

Learn more about the four experiences that you can access through transcendental or holotropic breathwork as documented by transpersonal psychology.

Breathwork Stress Management Program (BSMP)

It is acknowledged for milliners that mastering the breath is mastering the life force. Masters from various traditions are teaching techniques to control and adapt the breath in order to achieve beneficial results at every level. Breathwork techniques have been recently rediscovered by science. Many researches in the field of stress reduction and physiology improvement led to its rebirth and popularity.

This class is composed of four sessions – Breathwork Skills, Performance Breathwork, Mindful Breathwork, CHI-NRG Breathwork

Session 1 Breathwork Tools


This session starts with a breath assessment.

Then after explaining how the way we breathe is influencing our physiology in general and our nervous system in particular,you will learn and practice how to use your breath according to the situation and your needs so you can :

– Relax easily, get rid of stress and anxiety

– Balance your mind and body on a regular basis

– Improve your sleep

– Improve focus and attention

– Energize

Session 2 Bio Upgrade Breathwork

Great for physical and mental performance optimization, this class teaches a powerful breathing technique to achieve the optimal state of being.

It’s the perfect technique to get rid of stress, recover, re-energize and boost performances at every level.

The practice of Bio Upgrade Breathwork

– Decreases stress level 

– Improves the body’s alkalinity, oxygen utilization, digestion, and reduces inflammation

– Boosts your endocrine system, producing more useful and relaxing hormones/neurotransmitters

– Boosts your immune system

– Maximizes your energy level (increase cellular ATP level)

– Increases awareness and promotes a deep meditative state with no effort

This technique can be used every day as a morning routine, as a ” kick-starter ” to enhance your day and progressively increase performances.

Session 3 Breathwork & Mindfulness

Modern life is stressful and if we don’t pay attention we can lose connection with our bodies.

This session is a combination of Breathwork, Mindfulness Body Scan and Visualization.

The Breathwork will detox and energize your body while quieting your mind, leading to a deep and blissful meditative state.

The mindfulness practice will move your awareness to various bodily sensations, emotions and images.

It’s a Journey of sensory awareness and reconnection with the body that will make you fully present in the here and now.

Mindfulness and Visualization are renowned techniques to relax, let go, promote creativity and spiritual opening.

Session 4 Energy management Breathwork

Our level of energy and the way we manage it are directly linked to our stress level.

After a review of the key factors for best energy management, you will learn and practice a breathwork technique common to Buddhist and Taoist traditions to collect, store and move Chi energy through the three main energy centers (Dan tians) restoring its natural flow.

Emotional & Stress Release Breathwork (ESRB)  

Most of our blockages are stored in the subconscious mind, which is by nature very difficult to reach as we are not conscious of it. This breathwork practice is very efficient in weakening the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious mind. It gives you access to stored stress, blocked emotions and childhood memories.

In this session you will be guided along the breathing process while immersed in an evocative musical journey to help you dive in an expanded state where the conscious-subconscious process will take place. 

Once the subconscious material is showing up we can process and integrate it in the conscious mind, clearing its negative influence on our behavior, releasing tensions and generating new positive outcomes.

-20mn introduction and assessment

-60mn ESRB session

-40mn Integration

Cold Therapy

Is there a way to safely train ourselves to become more resilient to the stressors of life? The same as you would train to climb a freezing cold mountain with iceman Wim Hof. Cold therapy can provide a vast array of benefits on our body and can also improve your overall response to stress. Meaning your response to other types of stressors (mental, physical, emotional) will also be positively impacted.


Team Training
From the battlefield to the boardroom, we will help you learn how to use your breath to boost energy, manage stress, relieve anxiety and curb burnout. Most of all, our breathwork practices and team training can help you perform more in a relaxed state of clarity and flow.

Contact us and learn more about our breathwork practices and other mind-body therapies. We have experts who can help heal your overall energy and address stress, anxieties, depression and insomnia. Among the helpful holistic health services that we offer are craniosacral therapy, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, reiki, tantric healing, yuen method, Tibetan singing bowls and others.

Strengthen yourself and your team. Arm your team with the ultimate tools to help them better navigate work and life with specialized breath training.

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