Thomas Amiard

Over 25 years of experience
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Thomas Amiard, is a French psychotherapist, personal development and breathwork specialist, speaker, sound engineer, and artist.

He has been exploring sound, breathwork, psychology and consciousness for the last 25 years working in Europe, South America and Asia.

His journey into personal development started in 1993 when he met a Shaman (traditional healer) in the Sierra Mazateca in Mexico. The teaching he received completely changed his life and triggered a profound interest in consciousness and personal evolution.

After years of personal process and research in the field, our breathwork coach Thomas moved to South America with his family where he learned more about traditional practices but also discovered modern breathwork techniques and their nearly infinite possibilities. 
After an incredible first session of Holotropic Breathwork, where he unlocked a life long subconscious blockage, he decided to enter a 3 years certification process in Breathwork and Psychology learning with with Javier Charmes and Stan Grof, the creator of Holotropic Breathwork and the co-creator of Transpersonal Psychology with Abraham Maslow.

In 2016, he moved to Hong Kong and worked as a counselor/psychotherapist in a medical practice in Central from 2017 where he helped many patients with stress, anxiety,emotional blockages, ADHD, depression, grief and others. In the meanwhile, he was also running breathwork psychotherapy workshops, giving talks and launching his Breathwork & Self Discovery company.

Through traditional and modern practices such as performance breathwork and holotropic breathwork, and proceeding from a holistic perspective, he will guide you on a journey to a better self-understanding, empowerment, emotional and mental balance, as well as direct access to intuition, creativity, and transcendental experiences.

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