Thomas Amiard

Thomas Amiard, is a French psychotherapist, personal development and breathwork specialist, speaker, sound engineer, and artist.

He has been exploring sound, breathwork, psychology and consciousness for the last 25 years working in Europe, South America and Asia.
His journey into personal development started in 1993 when he met a Shaman (traditional healer) in the Sierra Mazateca in Mexico. The teaching he received completely changed his life and triggered a profound interest in consciousness and personal evolution.

After years of personal process

and research in the field, our breathwork coach Thomas moved to South America with his family where he learned more about traditional practices but also discovered modern breathwork techniques and their nearly infinite possibilities. 
After an incredible first session of Holotropic Breathwork, where he unlocked a life long subconscious blockage, he decided to enter a 3 years certification process in Breathwork and Psychology learning with with Javier Charmes and Stan Grof, the creator of Holotropic Breathwork and the co-creator of Transpersonal Psychology with Abraham Maslow.

In 2016, he moved to Hong Kong and worked as a counselor/psychotherapist in a medical practice in Central from 2017 where he helped many patients with stress, anxiety,emotional blockages, ADHD, depression, grief and others. In the meanwhile, he was also running breathwork psychotherapy workshops, giving talks and launching his Breathwork & Self Discovery company.

Through traditional and modern practices such as performance breathwork and holotropic breathwork, and proceeding from a holistic perspective, he will guide you on a journey to a better self-understanding, empowerment, emotional and mental balance, as well as direct access to intuition, creativity, and transcendental experiences.
Book now and empower yourself with Thomas’ breathwork guidance and help.

Thomas's Key Clinical Interest

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Transcendental Breathwork

Transcendental Breathwork is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from various practices including psychology, music therapy, anthropology, and Eastern spiritual practices. Anyone seeking healing for past problems or psychosomatic blockage may benefit from the practice, as well as those seeking insight, guidance, or access to intuition and creativity.

Transcendental Breathwork combines accelerated breathing with a specially designed musical journey, in order to access insight and healing in non-ordinary states of consciousness. With the eyes closed and comfortably lying on a mat under a specialist supervision, each person uses their own breathing supported by the musical mix to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. The experience is entirely internal and largely non-verbal, without interventions.

Entering a non-ordinary state of consciousness, in this context, activates the natural inner healing process, generating experiences unique to each person for that particular time and place. Breathers often experience recurring themes, but no two breathwork sessions are ever the same.

Each Transcendental Breathwork session starts with a breath assessment and is followed by a two steps integration process to get the best out of the experience. Timeline:

Before joining: Fill the medical form: Listen to the audio introduction (45mn)

Session: 1-Breath assessment
2-Session 2h
3-Recollection & integration

Breathwork stress management program (BSMP)

Breathwork is everytime you consciously modulate your breath in order to achieve the desired effect. it's the only body system you can control and modulate at will, all the others are fully automatic. Indeed the breath is the most important system in the body, and changing its pattern accordingly gives you access to all the other systems, it's an extraordinary tool with nearly infinite possibilities.

Emotional & Stress Release Breathwork (ESRB)

Most of our blocages are stored in the subconscious mind wich is by nature very difficult to reach as we are not conscious of it. This breathwork practice is very efficient in weakening the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious mind, giving you access to stored stress, repressed emotions and memories, and even spiritual insights. In this session you will be guided along the breathing process while immersed in an evocative musical journey to help you dive in an expanded state where the conscious-subconscious process will take place. Once the subconscious material is showing up we can process and integrate it in the conscious mind, clearing its negative influence on our behaviour, releasing tensions and generating new positive outcomes. -20mn introduction and assesment -60mn ESRB session -40mn Integration
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Customer Testimonials

We support you in your journey to HEAL, GROW and FIND BLISS

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“Being somewhat troubled in my daily life but not really knowing what to owe it too… I came to Thomas first for psychological therapy. In only a few sessions (amazingly) we were able to get to the bottom of my issues. But the holotropic breathwork Thomas introduced me to was simply the catharsis to this entire process. I have attended two sessions, which were two completely different experiences; but both extremely powerful.  I have left Hong Kong now but I wish I could join more holotropic breathwork sessions with Thomas in the future to get on new adventures!”


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“Thomas is a very attentive, grounded and empathetic personality with deep knowledge and experience in the healing work he offers. I have taken part both in Thomas’ day-long Holotropic Breathwork workshop as well as in his one-hour-long Transcendental Breathwork sessions, and I have assisted him also to facilitating workshops that I invited him to hold at my yoga studio in Switzerland. 
I am very impressed with Thomas’ ability to hold the space for everyone as they go through their individual experiences with Breathwork, which can be very intense both emotionally and physically. I felt safe letting go and dropping into my own Breathwork journeys with him, knowing that Thomas was on top of whatever was going on at any instant and ready to assist if necessary.
Not only as an attendee to his workshops but also observing Thomas facilitate these sessions, I can attest his capacity to meet his participants’ needs with great sensitivity and competence, offering people invaluable support on their transformation and healing journeys, both during the breathing itself as well as after, when it comes to integrating the often very unexpected and profound experiences made.
I very much recommend working with Thomas, whether as client or colleague – knowing Thomas is a real blessing.”


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I’ve done quite few breathing sessions with Thomas – some shorter and some few hours long. Each session left me with a desire for more and an understanding of its importance in my life. Thomas creates a very safe space where you feel you can let go and enjoy all the benefits of holotropic breathing. Every time experience is different but an outcome is the same – I feel complete clarity, relief and healing taking place. Everyone has to experience it at least once in their life.


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The Holotropic Breathwork workshop was profoundly heart-opening and quite mind-blowing for me. This unique experience seemed to activate multiple self awareness levels simultaneously: physical, emotional, creative, healing, hearing, energetic and visual. I enjoyed the group experience of sharing, trust, mutual respect, and spiritual growth. Having been already walking the path of introspection, mindfulness and healing, its effects are still unfolding day by day and I will definitely attend a second workshop when the time is right. I am thankful and grateful for Thomas’ kindness, energy and comforting attitude throughout the whole experience.


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“Thomas workshop is very ground and profound, the breath work allow me to detach from mental chatter, finally my body have a voice to express, I can listen to myself again.  Each session is a deeper journey to myself, it’s beyond the intellect, but respect to wisdom and honesty of our body. Gratitude!”- yvonne
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“Blown away. I walked into my session not having any idea what holotropic breathing was. It ended up being a beautiful experience I’ll remember forever. I walked out with more mental clarity and at peace with the past. I would highly recommend a session with Thomas.”

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