Most of the everyday problems that people experience can be traced back to stress that is locked deep within the body, aura, and mind. The storage of stress can be in muscles, cells, aura, chakras, blood, DNA, neural pathways, the heart and organs, etc., which may manifest in adverse physical, emotional and mental reactions.

Kinesiology is a recognized, comprehensive, non-invasive system of healthcare that uses calming and muscle monitoring techniques to unlock and access the body’s information on stress and symptoms in order to identify and release the stresses that can cause disease, physical dysfunction, emotional trauma and the like.

Kinesiology is about enabling an individual to access the information contained within the body and using that information to correct any imbalances by enabling the body and mind to re-integrate and heal itself from within. In effect, the stress that was blocking the body from changing or moving forward is now transforming to support change and heal.

What methods do we use?
A neuroenergetic kinesiologist assists an individual to de-stress and re-balance the body using acupressure points, sound, light, and other calming techniques and influences specific to the needs of the area.

What benefits does Kinesiology have?
It can be beneficial in improving the following conditions:
– Stress
– Allergies
– Emotional issues/Anxiety/Phobias
– Addictions
– Depression
– Sleep problems
– Children learning difficulties
– Menopause
– Backache
– Headache/Migraine
– Chronic pain and fatigue
– Digestive problems
– Immune system problems
– Relationship issues

What happens during a session?
First we talk about what you want to achieve, and discuss the history of any problems you may have and want to work on. Then, fully clothed, you lie on a treatment table, and we see how you respond to a muscle test. We then discuss what therapies you need, and apply them.

“Your body has all the information it needs to attain optimal health and wellbeing”

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