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An expert in Somatic Psychotherapy and experienced trainer with nursing and social work background

Her mission is to bring more peace, hope and joy to the world as well as supporting people to utilize their own potentials.

Fanny has a Master of Social Work (University of Hong Kong), Master of Science (Health & Hospital Mgt) (University of Birmingham), Bachelor & Diploma of Health Science (Nursing) (HK Polytechnic University) and a Diploma in Adult Education and Training (HKU: SPACE).

Fanny specializes in client centered and body-oriented psychotherapies. She is a qualified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Focusing Oriented Therapist, Ego State Therapist and Integral Somatic Psychology Therapist. In addition, she has received both extensive and intensive training in many other treatment modalities, such as Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), Systemic Constellation, NLP and Satir Model. After more than 10 years of practice, she is able to integrate different approaches to become her unique holistic way of working according to the need of each individual client.

Fanny holds a space of grounded presence for her clients to provide safety for them to explore and work on their issues. It can be dissatisfaction in work, family, health and other interpersonal relationships or overcoming anxiety and depression, PTSD or other general problems. After sessions, clients will generally have more insights about their inner conflicts and repeated patterns, learn more self-regulation tools, heal emotional and psychological problems, and make better conscious choices. Hence, past experience be converted into a healing gift, and Moving Forward into a dynamic and beautiful life!

Characteristics of Fanny’s work


Fanny has been trained in supportive deep listening. With honest empathetic and unconditional relationship with the client, she establishes an open and non-judgmental atmosphere in which the client has the time and space to make the discoveries that are necessary for progress to occur.


Fanny is constantly updating her skills and knowledge. Her techniques are based on the most current research. Due to the advances in neuroscience, we now know more about how our brain encodes experience, and how to help people heal and feel whole again. She will incorporate recent findings such as Dr Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal Theory into practice to benefit her clients.


All our experience, no matter good or bad, are stored in different parts of our body. Some of these memories are non-verbal and can be evoked through a sound, smell or image. With some, we cannot even recall the source of these triggers nor the details of an event. However, our reaction is encoded into our nervous system. This will have an effect on our emotions, reactions and thoughts. This in turn affects our relationships and the way we see and interpret the world.

By incorporating the body, clients are able to access a deeper part of themselves. Latest research indicates that adding body awareness will enhance recovery of the disturbed nervous system and achieve outcomes that talk therapy alone cannot always reach.

Co-author of the following publications

• Suicide Counseling in the Satir Model: Reflections on Clinical Practice (In Chinese), (2005), Hong Kong: Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, University of Hong Kong.

• Perception of Doctors and Nurses on the Care and Bereavement Support for Relatives of Terminally Ill Patients in an Acute Setting. Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry, 2006, 16(1), 7-13.

Feedback from workshop participants

• I enjoy the interactive mode.
• The speaker explains in plain and easy ways; enable participants to follow and relax within short time.
• Lively explanation and contents are practical in daily lives. With plenty of exercises enable me to better understand how to put the theory into practice.
• I understand the benefits of grounding now.
• The metaphor of ‘lobster behind tsunami’ inspires me to another thought.
• The resources list inspires me to re-think / understand myself more.
• The speaker’s lively and humorous style makes the workshop contents more impressive.
• I am now more aware of my own physical condition and can be-friend with myself.
• Small game to start off the workshop can help me use my five senses to experience content of the workshop.



"I like Fanny’s gentle kindness, fun-filled yet mature and wise."

"I like Fanny’s gentle kindness, fun-filled yet mature and wise. She let me understand and love myself more. Thank you very much! "

"I had resolved a very traumatic past experience."

"In a particular session of therapy, I had resolved a very traumatic past experience. That gave me a deep and excited feeling: A heart with damage, cracks and tears, seemingly looks dirty and gray. In fact, it is a land with a lot of accumulated nutrients. Buried inside are many seeds. After careful cultivating and sorting out, it would nourish unexpected vibrant life, emitting brightness, warmth, hope.... "
Ms Chen ( Theology student )

"Overall speaking, is having new understanding of herself and gaining more courage and strength to face the future."

"Before receiving therapy, she was in very low mood and with high anxiety; closed herself up and refused socialization; with insomnia and totally lack of motivation.

After receiving therapy,
1. She began to understand her various inner feelings; then she could release the negative emotions inside and allowed herself to experience more positive emotions.

2. Clarified the sources of all kinds of confusing emotions; transformed past hurting experience to get new strength. For example: resentment, fear and anxiety towards parents changed to gratitude, respect and love; remorse and guilt towards herself were transformed into acceptance and hope.
Overall speaking, is having new understanding of herself and gaining more courage and strength to face the future. "