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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), every individual has a unique body constitution that affects how you feel and behave. Moreover, it impacts how your body responds to the different causes of illnesses. Knowing your body constitution is important so that you can eat the right foods and regulate your environment so it suits your body type.

Balance Health offers a Chinese Body Type Test that is an in-depth blueprint analysis of your overall health with a personalized report on the best Chinese Medicine treatment for you based on your unique body constitution. The test includes a thorough assessment of three key areas: Ying & Yang balance, overall life force (Qi), and energy of five elements related to five main organ systems.

The online test will take approximately 10 to 15 mins. You’ll receive your results immediately upon completion.

What are the benefits from the Chinese Body Type test?
● It identifies your primary and secondary body types based on the ancient philosophy and modern practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
● It helps you understand your health status and its relation to your body type
● It assesses and informs you of your body’s strengths and weaknesses
● It recommends effective ways to maintain your wellbeing naturally
● You will receive a comprehensive Report for your Primary Body Type (10+ pages)

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