Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture is a classic acupuncture that uses the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for diagnosis and treatment.

What is Five Element Acupuncture


Five Element Acupuncture is a classic acupuncture that uses the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for diagnosis and treatment. It is a holistic approach that treats both the mind and body. 

This TCM tradition originated from the "Huangdi Neijing" (Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon), which is concise and profound. It starts with the meridians and treats both physical and mental illnesses with gentle and painless needle techniques that have an immediate effect. 

Five Element Acupuncture not only treats various physical illnesses but also adjusts a person's mental state. The term "mental state" refers to a person's emotional, personality, worldview, and value attributes, such as anger, sadness, irritability, low mood, depression, and physical and emotional imbalance.

More importantly, based on the observation of the five elements, we can become more sensitive and insightful in our perception and understanding of ourselves and others, which may lead to a wiser and more harmonious life.

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The 6 unique features of Five Element Acupuncture


  1. Five Element Acupuncture focuses on treating both the mind and body, and has specific methods for treating the "spirit" (mind), such as treating "internal disorders", which embodies the importance of treating the "spirit" in the "Suwen" and "Lingshu" classics of TCM.
  2. It values the practitioner-patient relationship, requiring practitioners to deeply understand patients rather than just asking about symptoms. The entire process of Five Element Acupuncture treatment emphasizes the genuine care of the practitioner for the patient. Therefore, the treatment is one-on-one and respects the patient's privacy.
  3. It requires that practitioners need to train their keen observation and sensory abilities because they are the basis for diagnosis.
  4. It places great importance on pulse diagnosis, based on the pulse study principles in the "Nanjing" classic of TCM.
  5. The treatment is simple and orderly, using a minimal number of acupoints with very gentle stimulation. Treatment frequency starts with once a week and its effectiveness extends not only to the physical level but also to the deeper level of the mind. In an era where the mind is subjected to suffering and various physical and mental illnesses abound, Five Element Acupuncture is indeed a timely arrival.
  6. It emphasizes individuality, treating each person differently according to their unique condition and timing, with both a systematic and flexible approach.

What is a session of Five Element Acupuncture treatment like?


  1. We will conduct a detailed consultation to understand your needs and, more importantly, to understand who you are as a person in order to identify your specific element in the 5 element system.
  2. During the consultation process, we may ask questions about your upbringing, family, work, and interpersonal relationships, which may involve sensitive topics. Please rest assured that we will not disclose your information to others without your consent.
  3. Five Element Acupuncture treatment focuses on precision and simplicity. It typically combines acupuncture and moxibustion, and each session may only involve using 4-10 acupuncture points.
  4. Except for specific treatments that require needle retention, most treatments begin with moxibustion before inserting the needles.
  5. The acupuncture points we select are primarily aimed at supporting the strength of your own elemental constitution, so it is likely that they will not directly stimulate uncomfortable areas.
  6. Before each treatment step, we will conduct a pulse diagnosis. Unlike conventional acupuncture, we will hold your hand while taking your pulse.
  7. The first session usually requires a reserved time of 1.5-2 hours, while subsequent treatments can typically be completed within 45 minutes.
  8. Throughout the entire treatment process, we will be by your side until the treatment concludes.
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Michelle Zhang
Michelle Zhang
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Bx Phone +852 2530 3315
Michelle is trained as a typical TCM doctor and an exoerienced acupuncture specialist.
During her practice, she finds her passion in searching the connection between mind and body. She begins her journey in studying psychotherapy, hoping to explore the possibilities to integrate it with TCM. She has an open mind, and she regards herself as a companion to her patients to grow together.
Clara Chan
Clara Chan
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Bx Phone +852 2530 3315
Clara Chan is a master on the different areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
She has helped a lot of client in their fertility journey. In the recent pandemic situation, Clara Chan has also used her knowledge in TCM to help patients with covid and long-covid conditions. Gif Maker 25 1
Grace Yu
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Bx Phone +852 2530 3315
Grace Yu Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Grace is a registered Traditional Chinese medicine practicioner with a holistic approach. She studied craniosacral resonance therapy in Taiwan in 2013. From then on, she had a broader vision on healing and started having a deeper understanding of the world outside and inside of the human body.
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