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Balance Health practitioners believe that health is maintained on three levels: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. As compared to the Western culture that considers illness only related to the physical, we believe the physical manifestation of an illness, especially chronic illness, is usually at the last stage of a long – standing problem. If there’s something wrong spiritually and it goes unaddressed, it will create stress and issues at the mental/emotional level. If it is still not addressed at the mental/emotional level, it will eventually present itself in the form of a disease or physical ailment. Energy medicine makes it possible to not only alleviate the symptoms of the disease, or mental emotional stress but also to trace the root cause of a physical issue and possibly cure the problem at the root.

Effective Energy Healing Practices in Closer Look

Shamanic healing methods, sound and light healing techniques, vedic medicine and other Non-Western healing practices, such as Chinese medicine, are the core practices that we implement to provide holistic healing to everyone. We target the root cause of the issue. In the case of Chinese medicine, imbalances in our yin-yang and qi or disharmony in our body’s functional entities are most of the time the origin of our stresses resulting in physical ailments. To regain balance, Chinese medicine believes that regaining the balance in the internal body organs as well as the external energies is the key to treating physical illnesses. Vedic science is also aligned with the belief of Chinese medicine. It is among those traditions that understand energy through our body’s chakra systems. Chakras, which means wheel in Sanskrit, are our body’s energetic configurations. Each of these correspond to our body organs. The chakra system’s main function is to mediate with the energy flow and to process our body’s memory and experiences in particular ways.

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Energy Medicine Benefits: How It Works

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Energy Medicine refers to a field of complementary natural therapy that focuses on the human energy field’s interaction with other energy fields to bring back homeostasis in each one of us. Based on the concepts of modern quantum physics, this field of medicine believes that electrical, light, magnetic and subtle energy surround the human body. At the same time, the human body emits these kinds of energy. This belief is exactly what energy healing processes focus on. However, instead of relying on measuring devices and machines to track how sound and light moves, our energy medicine practitioners use their mastery of the field to rely on deeper perceptual capacities. These capacities are what open the doors for them to reach beyond the limitations of the conscious mind. Energy healers will help us focus only on the breath and breaking our usual habit of following every thought that comes to us. By doing so, we will have the capacity to listen with all our senses even to the subtle sounds in our lives. This can be achieved through different methods such as breathwork and meditation to allow us to focus on our breath and silence the noise in the conscious mind. When this happens, light and sound will arise in our meditative state and can provide the body, mind, spirit healing that we need. This is energy medicine.

What are the common health benefits from energy medicine or energy healing? Energy medicine helps patients with: mood disorders body imbalances hyperactivity insomnia chronic pain cancer stress-related conditions fatigue healing after surgery depression smoking and other habits cessation heart disease anxiety neurodegenerative disorders autism Crohn’s disease allergies headaches

Energy Medicine in Our Practice

Energy healing is for everyone. You don’t need to be in the same room as the healer to receive healing. In addition to its effectiveness, it is getting popular nowadays as it is non-invasive, painless and doesn’t have any negative side effects. Patients will not feel any physical discomfort and most of the sessions, they will comfortably lie on a bed while the practitioner assesses their aura and releases any blockages in their energy flow. Patients can receive energy healing either through different techniques. Among them are reiki, pranic, quantum and qigong. Reiki is the most popular of all. It works through touch and involves a lot of movement techniques. It aims to channelize the universe’s energy to heal our body. It helps to cure ailments such as heart disease, flu, head and stomach ache. Based on the concept behind resonance, quantum healing such as breathwork escalates the body’s energy level through visualization and breathing. It is both a spiritual and physical healing as it has direct positive impacts on our immune system. Lastly, qigong regains imbalances in our body through a series of coordinated body movements. These include meditation and breathing to stimulate both our physical and mental health as well as our spirituality.

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