Richard Girolami

Richard Girolami Scaled
Transformative Bodywork Practitioner
Richard holds a degree in exercise physiology and a master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine. Following his university degrees he studied diverse forms of bodywork, energy work and movement including Anatomy Trains(ATSI) and Zentherapy®. When he is not traveling the world to serve clients at resorts and clinics, Richard can be found on the mountains and in the lakes around his new home in Switzerland.

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Richard Girolami Scaled

Transformative Bodywork

Transformative Bodywork is a careful combination blending a modern science informed view of the human body with traditional Chinese medicine’s energetic view of flowing life force. It includes somatic, myofascial, mindfulness, energy practices, and working with breath. These elements work together to bring the body and mind toward a state of balance with profound results. The aim is to facilitate physical, emotional, and energetic transformation in clients. This method of therapy effectively addresses imbalances and creates a lighter, more free human experience.

Sessions are typically 75 minutes, beginning with a brief talk. The therapy is done without oil and in underwear, exercise shorts and sport bra or twopiece swimming suit. Conscious breathing is central to the process and clients are guided through challenging areas. Individuals may experience unique results even after just one session. Clients regularly report feeling better, moving better, breathing better and emotional and physical shifts are common. Every session is unique and customized to the needs of the individual.
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“Richard is a gifted and intuitive healer.”
“Richard is a gifted and intuitive healer. His acupuncture, massage, and body work treatments are healing and always nourishing. I’ve had really intense experiences (sudden, uncontrollable crying), and sometimes incredibly intense physical sensations, but knowing that I’m in capable hands that can hold space for all the emotional and physical reactions allows for complete relaxation and a deep level of healing”

-Andrea B

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“Richard Girolami is one of those rare individuals whose energetic presence is as powerful as his technical expertise. Beyond being strategic, targeted, insightful and pragmatic, the energetic space he holds for the client experience creates deep shifts, true healing, and transformation.”

-Jaydene S.

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“Richard Girolami has done more to help heal my posture and lower back issues than the many doctors, chiropractors or body therapists I’ve seen over the years. He is one of the most knowledgeable, committed and insightful healers I’ve ever met. He changed my life for the better and made me an active part of the healing process.”

-Stuart C.

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