The Akashic Records are similar to the Library of Congress of the Universe. It contains all the imprints of the past, present and future possibilities. Within these Records of all Creation are the individual soul Records of each individual from the time of its inception to present say. The information helps us to bring our past and future into the Now.

A consultation allows you to have a conversation with the guardians of your Soul who love and honour you dearly. By accessing your own Records, you will be able to converse with your Masters, Teachers and Guardian Angels who know your path, your lives and what you came to learn in this life.

akashic records

"The Akashic Records are one of the most powerful tools to help us remember our oneness with spirit and the key to unlock our own selves to our fullest potential."

As you step into the loving energy of the Lords of Akasha, you are invited to bathe in their wisdom and light. Whether business, career, love, health, relationships or any other aspects of your life. You are welcome to inquire about anything you would like insight or support on.

The healing energy of the Records extends itself long past the immediate session. The messages received in the Records give us the freedom and personal empowerment to choose grace in all things. It teaches us how to create actions instead of reactions in our lives by providing us the seeds for wisdom to sprout.


Our Therapists
Judy Xu


Hong Kong

"I highly recommend anyone who is seeking clarification on their life’s journey to have a session with Judy"

"I had an akashic reading with Judy and I find her to be clear in the symbols and messages that come through her. Her guidance was relevant to my situation and confirmed my deeper knowing of what holds true. I highly recommend anyone who is seeking clarification on their life’s journey to have a session with Judy. Sometimes it can be comforting to gain some insight on the way ;-)"
Marit Müller
Hong Kong

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my akashic record. "

"Thank you for achieving such a clear mind and spirit in order to being able to get in contact with the masters and to receive these messages. The message of my master vibrates wonderfully within me and gives me higher orientation. Everything feels clearer now – my being, my path, my reason in this world, my to-dos and to-bes. Thank you so much."