Crina Ancuta

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“Calling in The One” and “Conscious Uncoupling” certified coach; life performance coach, corporate international coach.
Crina is a Transformational Relationships Coach and Leadership Advisor, empowering women executives to live fulfilled personal lives and amplify their impact, as inspirational, authentic leaders. Her unique approach to personal growth taps into the fundamentals of conscious living, cultivating her clients’ emotional, mental, and spiritual mastery, so they thrive in all their relationships, in integrity with their values. Crina’s life journey took her from growing up in a small town in Romania and studying to become a medical doctor, to traveling around the globe, living in different countries, accomplishing a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, and building a life in the UK as a single mother of two, a qoman full of passion, a citizen of the world. Her personal spiritual quest, and the wide range of experiences as a business leader, parent and partner, are drawn together to help successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives to create a more meaningful life, allowing love and joy to co-exist with professional accomplishments. Creating sage, sacred conainers for transformation, Crina is now passionate about supporting her clients to move from breakdown to breakthrough, from surviving to thriving, leaving behind the burden of cultural and society stereotypes, and stepping courageously towards making love their reality, living aligned with their truth and living a legacy to be proud of. Trained as a medical doctor and with a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, whilst being a single mother of two, Crina knows how longing feels, especially when you face cultural and society stereotypes about women, work, and love. With a double certification in Calling in The One and Conscious Uncoupling coaching, from the prestigious marriage and family therapist and New York Times bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, Crina Ancuta blends her spiritual journey with extensive business experience to help successful women - entrepreneurs and corporate executives - to create a more conscious, meaningful personal life where love and joy coexist with professional accomplishments.


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Mental Fitness Mastermind

This mastermind is for high-performance executives and entrepreneurs who want to amplify their positive impact and elevate their performance. Learn how to rewire your brain to boost performance, strengthen relationships, improve your wellbeing, and diminish the patterns that currently sabotage your potential.

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Customer Testimonials

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It was my first time joining a woman circle so I went into it without any expectations. I have to say I left the session with a sense of deep inner peace and a feeling of lightness and pleasantness. Not only that, but an inner empowerment that I’m truly deserving of the life i wish to create and it’s very much attainable
I felt Judy and Crina lead the session in a very professional manner and with a lot of kindness.. I felt we were in a space where we could all share and be vulnerable in. I really enjoyed the meditations and the journey they very consciously guided us through. Already looking forward to the next session with this wonderful circle of women 🙂

-Rocio Perez

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“My anxiety level has significantly reduced and I feel much better connected with other people after learning new skills to handle my difficult thoughts and feelings through the new approaches Katrine Cheng has suggested to me to do. She helped me to find out what matters to me and what I want to stand for in life to help me be the sort of person I want to be, what strength and qualities I want to develop, how I want to treat myself and others to build the sort of life I want to live when I feel lost and hopeless. Therapy seemed like a roller-coaster ride when I faced my fear, but she was there in the roller coaster car with me. I feel very supported.”


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“I had been feeling really powerless and unbearable for quite a long time, Katrine Cheng helped me come to realise that my emotional needs run far deeper than I had imagined, and these emotional experiences throughout my life have somewhat unknowingly impacted how I view myself today. She helped me to join the dots and processed my deep emotions which I didn’t even know I had. She helped me to deal with my emotions differently and learn about my relationships in ways that make me stronger.”


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“As a coach, Crina is an attentive listener who encourages you to be authentic and creates space for your thoughts and feelings. She has provided me with insights and practices to develop more self love and self acceptance. I really appreciate Crina’s warm presence and her gentle approach in guiding clients through The Calling in the One program. She personifies the traits that Katherine promotes in her book and has lots of personal experience to draw from. Each and every session is important to Crina, you can tell that she puts her heart into her role as a coach. She is always on time, thoughtful and ready to shower you with love, kindness and wisdom”.

-Sandy, 35, Lawyer
Hong Kong, May 2021

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