Crina Ancuta

Certified Counsellor, Family and Marriage Therapist, M.Couns.
Crina is a Transformational Relationships Coach and Leadership Advisor, empowering women executives to live fulfilled personal lives and amplify their impact, as inspirational, authentic leaders. Her unique approach to personal growth taps into the fundamentals of conscious living, cultivating her clients’ emotional, mental, and spiritual mastery, so they thrive in all their relationships, in integrity with their values. Crina’s life journey took her from growing up in a small town in Romania and studying to become a medical doctor, to traveling around the globe, living in different countries, accomplishing a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, and building a life in the UK as a single mother of two, a qoman full of passion, a citizen of the world. Her personal spiritual quest, and the wide range of experiences as a business leader, parent and partner, are drawn together to help successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives to create a more meaningful life, allowing love and joy to co-exist with professional accomplishments. Creating sage, sacred conainers for transformation, Crina is now passionate about supporting her clients to move from breakdown to breakthrough, from surviving to thriving, leaving behind the burden of cultural and society stereotypes, and stepping courageously towards making love their reality, living aligned with their truth and living a legacy to be proud of.


Therapies, Classes & Programmes By the Practitioner

Mental Fitness Mastermind – February Cohort

This mastermind is for high-performance executives and entrepreneurs who want to amplify their positive impact and elevate their performance. Learn how to rewire your brain to boost performance, strengthen relationships, improve your wellbeing, and diminish the patterns that currently sabotage your potential.

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