Whether you are already a patient with Balance Health or planning to come by, we can customize for you and your company a healthy living experience that will fit your goals, lifestyle, and your schedule.

Our wellness activities educate employees on their body’s health by integrating various natural effective health practices. We do not only provide instructions on how to increase vitality and resiliency but also support employees with team-building exercises leading to a higher feeling of belonging to a caring company, lower health risks, better teamwork and engagement at work and reduced sickness absence.

Our health and wellness programs and resources are personalized to help meet the needs of each person, whether he or she is healthy or dealing with a new or ongoing health issue. We also create space for happiness, sense of purpose, positivity and an overall improved quality of life. Our Stress-Free and Resilient Living initiative shows you how to integrate a range of evidence-based skills into your daily life. Stress-Free and Resilient Living embraces the collaborative approach to caring for the whole person with a strong connection of mind, body and spirit.

By strategically integrating our main five components, we can create a continuum of care that improves health and changes lives.

We benefit employee and company:

  • Improved productivity and employee retention
  • Better employee health and morale
  • Lower health-related costs
  • More collaborative staff
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Interactive Health -
Corporate Workshops
and Talks

It is our goal to increase public health awareness. We partner with corporations and hold interactive and informative workshops tackling practical tips to boost our mental and physical health the natural way.
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In Office Therapies

Balance Health provides in-office therapies to boost employee wellness. Yoga classes, massages, meditation sessions, Qi Gong are some of the therapies that you can offer your employees in your premises.
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On top of workshops and therapies, we provide health body check for employees to assess their health and nutrition state. Our practitioners use their years of experience and expertise in their field to help your employees manage their stress and know the lifestyle factors affecting their overall wellbeing.
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Balance Health offers employee health and wellness packages tailored to the needs of your team. These packages may include those that aim to increase their stress resilience, work productivity and performance as well as mindfulness.
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We have programs aimed at lifestyle, nutrition and high performance coaching to enable your employees to realize and reach their full potential.

Appointments & Classes

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