Sports massage

Sports massage helps alleviate the tension that builds up in the body soft tissue during regular physical activity.

About Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is increasingly becoming more popular than before as it helps athletes prepare for the rigorous activities that they will perform. On top of that, it also helps relax and repair our soft tissue and other body parts after strenuous physical activities and injuries or traumas. Where minor injuries and lesions occur, due to overexertion and/or overuse, massage can break them down quickly and effectively.

Sports Massage Benefits

  • Preparation for peak performance
  • Recovery after trainings or after a big event
  • Sports injury prevention
  • Maintaining the body in generally better condition
  • Mobility restoration and healing of the injured muscle tissue
  • Blood circulation and lymphatic fluids stimulation
  • Muscle stretching

What to Expect

Our sports massage Hong Kong therapy aims to help to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and to prevent injuries, whether a person is an athlete or a once a week jogger.

Balance Health sports massage Hong Kong experts will support you in this treatment. With our years of experience in bodywork therapies, we can help you experience the benefits from this massage technique and support you further in your physical activities in the future.

In addition to sports massage benefits, Balance Health and wellness center offers other holistic bodywork and alternative treatments.

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Cupping therapy is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that involves suctioning or vacuuming sections of the body. The cups are heated by swabbing rubbing alcohol on the bottom and then lighting the cup. It can also be done by placing an inverted cup over a flame to aid in suctioning.

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Facial Acupuncture

Praised for hundreds of years in Asia for its anti-age benefits, facial acupuncture brings about a revolution in our quest for beauty. Facial acupuncture has various health benefits for us just like the other acupuncture Hong Kong treatments that Balance Health and wellness center offers. It can reduce wrinkles, lift sagging skin, eliminate fine lines and improve skin colour and texture. Many have found it to be effective even after one treatment.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Nutritional Coaching

Food is energy. It can make us vibrant and help us to climb our daily mountains or it can plumet us slowly and surely. Once our energy is dysregulated, our body-mind-spirit are affected. However, through Functional Nutrition, we have the power to influence easily and rapidly what we are made of and how we can function at an optimal level.

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Hafsa Khan (The Slayer)
Phone +852 2530 3315
Hafsa is a Certified Alternative Medicine, practitioner of many modalities, a coach and a facilitator of spiritual and transformative growth.
She has spent 7 years researching, developing and testing unique and functional ways to improve health and well-being in an integrative holistic whole-body approach that supports - The physical body, The mental body and The spiritual body.


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