Life is a Journey

A woman’s life stages are determined by biology. The reproductive cycle regulates whether we are close to menstruation or at the beginning of menopause. Based on that we encounter naturally unique health issues. In contrast to men, we are blessed to experience pregnancy and give birth to new life.

On the other hand, women sometimes struggle with painful premenstrual syndrome or severe hormonal imbalance. Although our bodies already possess the ancient wisdom of how to smoothly guide us through all life stages, society has made us lose that ability to leverage our bodies to full extent. We should start to raise awareness and acquire this knowledge again.

Balance Health helps you to listen and understand the stories your body has to tell! Listen to yourself and let your body help you to overcome all discomforts naturally.

Women's Health

  • Your Journey is our Passion

    It doesn’t matter in which life stage you are actually in, we have the solution for all of them. Our practitioners are highly qualified and specialized in treating conditions related to women’s health. We address your health by means of an holistic approach including alternative medicine that ensures natural remedies and gentle, non-invasive treatments for:

    ○ PMS
    ○ Fertility chronic pain
    ○ Prenatal Care & Pregnancy
    ○ Hormonal Imbalance
    ○ Menopause
    ○ Beauty & Care

Your treatment at Balance Health

Today’s women have to reconcile a number of challenges. A successful career, a beloved husband, happy children, a perfect shaped body and a wide circle of friends are only a few to mention from a seemingly never ending list. Stress is thereby bound to occur. Women give so much to satisfy all involved, that they don’t even have the time to appropriate care for themselves. They would rather bend over backwards before prioritize themselves over other’s needs. This internal restlessness is combined with external stress. Especially in a hectic and never sleeping metropolis like Hong Kong women are exposed to lots of harmful environmental factors. Air and water pollution, unhealthy eating habits, tremendous noise and challenging climate conditions are only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s not for nothing that the buzzword “Work-Life-Balance” arose within a new trend. It’s on everyone’s lips, but to be honest - have you already found your individual Work-Life Balance? Do you want to get started, but you have no idea how to tackle it?

That’s the reason why we offer a highly customized and individualized treatment that works only for you. In the Holistic Health Consultation we will set up a health care & treatment plan according to your body type, your health constitution, symptoms, emotional state, needs and personal goals. You will leave the session with concrete action steps to further your health and life. This can include acupuncture and Chinese medicine, or homeopathy and functional medicine - to mention only a few possibilities. We will find the integral solution that fits best for you.

Women's Health

Balance Health is your Companion

Research shows that 40 percent of women in the U.S. use some form of complementary and alternative medicine. The truth is that the medical system is going through a period of revolutionary change. Especially women increasingly search for natural alternatives for improving health and even preventing disease to occur.

The holistic approach taken by our practitioners addresses your physical requirements as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

We will help you:
○ to find peace and calm inside & out side
○ to restore your energy flow
○ to feel refreshed and uplifted
○ to shine with flawless skin

Holistic Health and the unique integrated approach from Balance Health

The medical tree respresents the holistic view of health and disease we pursue. Our aim is to eliminate the root cause of your problem, what emerges as dysfunctions or symptoms. By showing these signs of disease your body wants to draw your attention to an underlying imbalance. That is why it is not sufficient to simply erase superficial symptoms with medications. You cannot find health compressed in one pill. Instead, you have to listen carefully to the story your body has to tell in order to restore the balance on all levels available: body, mind and emotions.

We care who you are including all strengths and alleged weaknesses. Beyond that, we care how you really are - completely unveiled!

Holistic health combined in an integrated approach is our key to address any of the specific women‘s health issues. It‘s time to take a break and turn your well-being into a top priority.

Invest in your health, not in your sickness!

Beauty & Care - DIY Rejuvenating Face Mask

All day long, your skin is losing its vital moisture and the more stressed or busier you are, the more easily your skin will lose its beauty. The DIY Nourishing Rejuvenating Mask offers an ultimate solution to a thirst-clenching, stressed and dull complexion.

○ All natural herbs
○ Instant hydration and regeneration
○ Reduces redness and pigmentation

“Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women."
– Michelle Obama

Holistic Health

Beauty Mask


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