Kate Bridle

Sleep Specialist
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Sleep Specialist


Being one of the first certified sleep specialists to practice in Hong Kong, Kate has been passionate about improving people’s health and quality of life through better sleep for many years.

Kate, an internationally Board Certified Sleep Physiologist and Sleep Coach, trained and worked at the UK’s largest Sleep Disorder Clinic – Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital in London, UK, where she helped to diagnose and treat thousands of patients annually. She then went on lead and develop the award winning Children’s Sleep Service at the same hospital. More recently she set up and ran the first speciality Sleep Centre in the Middle East, which is now successfully diagnosing and treating patients from the entire Gulf region.

Kate has a particular interest in treating individuals with Chronic Insomnia using holistic, non-medicinal based therapy, focusing on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques. “Successfully treating Insomnia is about understanding the underlying causes rather than just recommending sleeping pills to cover up the issue”. Kate is also trained in helping children with behavioural sleep difficulties.

Poor sleep doesn’t only make you feel tired and low in energy, it affects your short-term and long-term physical and mental health, your work and your relationships. For children it affects their development. Everyone deserves to get a good nights sleep

Kate has been a guest speaker in her field at numerous international conferences and events, and regularly presents at corporate wellness events on optimising sleep quality.

Kate moved to Hong Kong at the end of 2017 with her fiance. She enjoys good food, spending time with friends and keeping fit through yoga, hiking.

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