Holistic Wellness Gifts this year

Give a gift of health, wellness and self empowerment this holiday season!

*all service + wellness gift promos can only be availed once per package per person*


360°Journey of Personal Exploration

It’s Time to Create Your Own Miracle and Realise Your Dreams

Do you want to reset your vision for the future?

Are you ready to leave behind the patterns that are blocking you and get the life that you deserve?

Learn more about Spark your life session

Facial acupuncture helps balance the blood and Qi flow; allowing smoother and fresher skin. It is a perfect anti- aging deal or if you are just looking for a boost.

Price: HK$1250

Learn more about Balance Health’s facial acupuncture

Our acupuncture and cupping fusion brings harmony in healing as both modalities are renowned effective practices for promoting balance and vitality.

Price: HK$1250

Learn more about acupuncture

Learn more about cupping

This modality uses the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for diagnosis and treatment. It is a holistic approach that treats both the mind and body

Price: HK$1250

Learn more about five element acupuncture

Helps release stress and promotes healing by using massage techniques directly over the navel and surrounding abdominal area where stress, tension and negative emotions accumulate and congest.

Price: HK$1450
Learn more about Chi Nei Tsang

The therapist performs stretching movements in rhythm with the client’s body flow and flexibility. Sometimes it is called “lazy yoga” as as the client feels like he/she has done yoga while receiving the massage.

Price: HK$1450
Learn more about yoga massage

Oil massage is a therapeutic technique that involves the application of oil onto the body’s surface to promote relaxation and relieve muscle tension.  It is effective to also eliminate stress, anxiety and improve sleep.

Price: HK$1450
Learn more about oil massage 

Health & Nutrition Gift Options

Health is wealth. Express how you value your loved ones’ health through our nutritional coaching, detoxification and fasting services.

Nutrition coaching session/s with registered kinesiologist Catherine Van Den Broek Hermant

Price: HK$1800
(First consultation)

Price: HK$1500
(Follow up consultation)


Learn more about the nutritional coaching services

3-week detoxification program with registered kinesiologist Catherine Van Den Broek Hermant

Price: HK$6800
(3 consultations + kinesiology session)

Price: HK$5500
(3 consultations)


Learn more about the detox program

Whether you are a fasting warrior or starting in this journey, we have you covered. 

Price: HK$5800
(individualized program)

Price: HK$2800
(group program per person)


Learn more about individualized & group fasting programs 

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Gift Certificate

Let your loved one choose the wellness gift for the holidays!

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Mask Group 2

Show your love for your friends and family through our Wellness Gift Cards. They are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and especially these coming Christmas and New Year holidays!

Valid for any purchase at Balance Health including products and treatments.

Customize the Gift Certificate Amount ranges from $500-$5000.

Appointments & Classes

Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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