Angela Nesbitt

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Angela Nesbitt is an executive coach, facilitator, and mentor for leaders who want to increase their social impact while running profitable businesses. She helps clients create much-needed clarity, navigate uncertainty, and create powerful partnerships to leverage their impact.

She supports leaders through these uncertain times of change and complexity, helping them to focus on what is most meaningful, build trust to reduce friction in the system, create high-performance cultures, master the different types of intelligences needed today,

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Therapies, Classes & Programmes By the Practitioner

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Mental Fitness Mastermind

This mastermind is for high-performance executives and entrepreneurs who want to amplify their positive impact and elevate their performance. Learn how to rewire your brain to boost performance, strengthen relationships, improve your wellbeing, and diminish the patterns that currently sabotage your potential.

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Mental Fitness Individual Foundation and Intensive Programmes

Develop the mental fitness to handle life’s challenges with less stress and more grace. The programmes are especially for those with audacious goals, so big they currently don’t know how to achieve them, yet ready to self-reflect on their blind spots and to strengthen their mental fitness. It’s for those who want to consistently access their strengths and wisdom without self-limiting patterns interfering.

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” She is a very warm person and she made me feel comfortable before the session”
Angela has supported me in my journey of finding the positive mindset and outlook in life. From being trapped in a stressful and anxious life, through her help in the Mental Fitness program, I am now living a life of clarity and calmness. I was also able to find back my inner and deeper happiness and use this to further strengthen my personality.


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