Mental Wellbeing

What is mental wellbeing? Why is mental wellness important?

It’s important to take care of your mental wellness in the same way as you value your physical health. However there are a lot of factors that can impact your mental wellbeing, such as work life, your ambitions in life, personal relationships and even your physical health. Not managing these well can lead to stress, anxiety or depression. In our clinical practice, we treat patients using a very holistic approach, sometimes described as mind-body medicine. It takes into account the physical or biological aspect of life, your emotional state, behavioral and spiritual factors. As a result, our practitioners look at mental wellness from a systemic point of view instead of isolated symptoms. Stress, anxiety, insomnia or depression – can be experienced by anyone regardless of age and gender, and can often manifest into physical illnesses that later on impact your quality of life. Calming the mind and connecting to your inner self – are the keys to staying mentally fit and healthy. A positive, clear, calm and stress-free mind indicates that you have good mental wellbeing. Incorporating meditation into your daily routine, spending outdoor time with your loved ones and consulting with experts can bring your mind into balance.
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Effective Natural Methods for Our Mental Wellness

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Guided Mindfulness Meditation to Alleviate Stress, Anxiety or Depression
What is mindfulness meditation? Mindfulness meditation will train you to anchor yourself in the present time and worry less about the things that may happen in the future or have happened in the past. Research has proven that meditation can alleviate symptoms of mental ill health such as depression and anxiety, lessen the stress caused by chronic pain and improve memory and cognitive behaviour in those who practice it regularly.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Stress, Anxiety or Depression
Traditional Chinese medicine is an effective and natural way to manage stress, and works well in combination with meditation or other energy medicine practices like Tai Chi, hypnotherapy and breathwork, Research (Hui, 2010) has shown that acupuncture significantly helps people with stress, anxiety disorders and depression symptoms. Included in the findings is that acupuncture stimulates the specific areas of the brain which are known to reduce sensitivity to pain and stress. It also found that acupuncture relaxes the “analytical brain” which is responsible for anxiety and worry. Our registered Chinese medicine practitioners can help in this aspect by prescribing effective Chinese herbs that can restore the balance in your organs and to overcome mental pain and restore your mental wellness. The prescriptions and treatments are personalized as these will be based on your body type, your health conditions and health needs.

Holistic Bodywork Bodywork is another way to heal from inside out. In particular Somatic Bodywork is aimed at helping you move out of stressful situations and uneasy feelings of being stuck physically and emotionally, so that you feel present, safe, creative and energetic in your body and life. Somatic Experiencing restores resilience to the body’s responses to stress and trauma, allowing you to respond to life’s challenges with increased energy, motivation, and clarity. This is done by gently and safely guiding individuals to develop an increasing tolerance for difficult bodily sensations and suppressed emotions. You are not alone. The key is to connect to your inner self. We are here to help you.
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Balance Health Treatments for Your Mental Wellness

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Holistic Bodywork

Energy Medicine

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