Colorpuncture is a treatment method based on traditional acupoints, penetrating light beams into the meridian system.

Colorpuncture promotes better health by balancing the holistic energy flow in the meridian system. The difference between acupuncture and colorpuncture is that acupuncture requires needles to activate the living energy (Qi) in one’s body while colorpuncture does not. Colorpuncture introduces new signals into the body using various frequencies of lights and is a non-invasive treatment. The beamer light pen introduces color energy into the body, entering the chakra energy center, acupoints and energy circles around the body. During the process, awareness and consciousness will be raised.

Color plays a role in healing the body and mind. It can reveal the mysteries of the body and inner wisdom of the mind. Colorpoint Therapy is about empowerment, starting with one’s health and ultimately encompassing all levels of one’s life. We have known that colors can dramatically affect our health, inner harmony and even our emotions.

For example, the color red is associated with the choleric temperament. It is the most stimulating color of the spectrum, so it is used to treat diseases like anemia, asthma or other skin diseases and is used for the state of mind of being confined to old structures. The organ which benefits most from red and orange are the kidney, bladder, bones and ears. When red is introduced to these organs when they are defective, they absorb the vibration and throw off the blocked energy creating the problem, creating more balance and harmony within the body.




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