Reiki healing therapy works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to balance all the chakras of the body. Reiki is energy in motion, constant, dynamic and powerful and its healing effects have been confirmed by extensive research over the past 10 years.

Reiki is hands-on healing in which your practitioner channels energy to where you need it most to replenish your energy levels by encouraging a stronger energy flow to help your body’s natural healing ability.

Reiki treatment is very successful for depression and stress, cognition in elderly patients and pain relief.

Reiki can also act as a preventive form of medicine with regular healings helping maintain good health and well-being. It can be particularly beneficial during pregnancy because it restores your energy and calm. Reiki is <strong>safe and non-invasive and is suitable for people of any age</strong>, including young children.

Reiki is a gentle and effective healing form that involves the transmission of energy (Qi) through the hands. Traditionally, this was only performed in the East by Qi Gong masters. However, a Japanese master, Usui, found a way to teach others without the decades of training that used to be involved. This system is called Reiki.

A Reiki practitioner first imagines certain symbolic images to bring down healing Qi, then the practitioner places her hands on the client’s body. The client’s own body then draws in the amount of life-force energy that it requires. It is felt as a warm, calming and relaxing sensation by most people. The body utilizes this energy for relaxation, repair, and revitalization.

This form of therapy is a unique and personal experience, and your healing may be subtle and slow or significant and immediate. Whatever your unique sensation, you will feel deep relaxation throughout as energy flows through you. Ultimately, Reiki is the Awakener and it will increase, improve and energize your self-awareness.


Another Japanese-origin, energy healing and natural therapy that you might be interested in is Seiki.

Seiki is a spontaneous intuitive method of bodywork, which facilitates the flow of energy through the body, clearing energy blockages and creating an awareness of life energy flows – A Way. Founded by Akinobu Kishi sensei, Seiki inscribes itself in a long tradition of Japanese healing and spiritual practice and, since at its core is the idea to become more ourselves, it is, at its base, non culture specific too.

Seiki incorporates bodywork treatments, autonomic spontaneous movement AND, most importantly, space to experience and enjoy life as embodied human beings, breathing again. It follows the intuitive road of ‘doing by not doing’; the art of waiting and looking without looking, observing, diagnosing without questions. The Seiki technique is based upon intuition, feeling and sensitivity, so the appropriate actions emerge at the right moment: Master Kishi once said: “My technique is no technique”.

At the same time there are some standard resonance points that help you develop the skills. Seiki helps you to free yourself and others gradually from stress and all tensions as it restores your original self or GenKi.

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