Originating from the time of the Buddha, and based on Indian Ayurveda Medicine and Yoga, Ancient Massage (Thai Massage, Yoga Massage).

Ancient (Thai) Massage is a gentle and very effective way in releasing blockages in the body and aligns the energies of the body. The therapist performs stretching movements in rhythm with the client’s body flow and flexibility. Sometimes it is called “lazy yoga” as as the client feels like he/she has done yoga while receiving the massage. The release in the physical body can trigger a release at the emotional level. This amazing massage activates the natural healing process of the body, and complements other healing methods.

The client is fully dressed and lies on a light mattress placed on the floor. The massage is given in silence to allow the therapist to perceive the client’s needs and to facilitate the client to focus on themselves without distraction.


Our Therapists

Mona Choi