With a balanced approach to therapy, all treatments heal the human being as a whole. Body – mind – spirit. Focused on both high achieving professionals and children, Astrid connects all three, body, mind, and spirit, for a harmonious balance to therapy. Astrid supports you to take ownership of your life and helps you target the core of your issues to solve and improve complex professional, personal, and relationship difficulties.

TREATMENT 1: Body Mind Psychotherapy and Coaching - Healing the entire human system as a whole to treat emotional and behavioural disturbances. -- Counseling focused on finding the root of the problem and building on your own strengths to overcome your challenges and weaknesses. “You are only as strong as your weakest link” - Empowering you with skills to shift your old coping mechanisms and adopt positive effective ones.

TREATMENT 2: Walk-Talk Therapy - Taking you out of the concrete jungle to the outdoor to receive the therapeutic benefits of nature in support of managing stress and anxiety effectively. - Therapy is done whilst walking in a natural environment to help stimulate the mind and body. - Working with you to resolve and release blockages preventing you from achieving your full potential through a combination of ecotherapy and traditional talk therapy.

"To support you to in overcoming and releasing past traumas and obstacles, Astrid guides you in becoming the C.E.O. of your life. She has created the 3-M system for success to optimize the way you think, the way you feel and the way you move. The 3-M approach created involves working on using Mindset. Movement. and Meditation."

1. MINDSET targets eliminating your self-limiting beliefs, and restructuring your perception of your realities. Changing your mindset to change your life through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques and a positive psychology approach. An improved mindset will give you the tools to take ownership on curating the life you want, and releasing the blockages and hindrances that prevent you from stepping into your full potential.

2. “Movement is medicine.” MOVEMENT works with reinforcing the powerful benefits of physical activity on your mind. The mental benefits of movement when the body comes into motion, neurochemicals are released, and the brain creates an improved sense of well being. It strengthens your capacity to cope with stress, and it can counteract feelings of depression and anxiety. Emotional release is also accomplished when you have energy in motion. Emotions can be regulated in movement therapy, through physical activity, to let go of past behaviors and habits that no longer serve you. Using movement as a tool to strengthen your mental wellbeing and assist in emotional distress can prevent you from relying on external substances and self-destructive behaviours.

3. MEDITATION helps us connect to your inner essence and truth. It bridges both the mind and body to work as a more efficient unit by peeling away the layers of the past and future, and reveling your inner being, your soul.. In becoming aware of what is occurring within you, and how it interacts with the world around you, you gain greater control of our emotions and actions. “Bringing stillness to an ocean, helps clear murky waters.” Thus with clarity, you then are able to see the things as they truly are, and how best to utilize each moment you live through. Meditation allows you to peel through the layers and bring the stillness and strength to the mind and body. When you have clarity and peace internally, your ability to use your time in endeavors that serve your growth and development improves.


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