Spiritual healing regards the awakening of one’s self. It refers to the unleashing of humans’ philanthropist qualities such as forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, and harmony. These qualities are present in all human beings, but only a few of them can realize them. Sufi healing uses divine energy channeled by the practitioner. It awakens the human being and makes them realize the treasure they are hiding inside. Different methods are used for this Sufi healing. All these various techniques are based on three basic approaches. They can be modern, traditional, or spiritual. Different people require different types of healing. Some may need recovery related to the body; some may require it for the mind and emotions, while others may want healing for their soul. The healing may include spiritual methods or physical methods.

During a healing session, the healer may pick up areas and blockages that need work as the body can harness old energies from past or current traumas and experiences. Since our bodies are made up of energy and every cell holds a specific vibration; the healer can intuitively recognize when there is a misalignment, stagnation of energy, and ailments. Ailments have a different vibration in their anatomic structure. After scanning the body the healer then it can work on the areas that need work by channeling divine pure healing energy through the body. The healer may even communicate with the physical body to rejuvenate and heal.

Healers are gifted with the ability to sense, see, and hear. It is important to understand that a healer is a tool and not doing the healing. In Sufism, the Source to the healing is the ultimate source, the only one; God. In Reiki the same philosophy is applied the healer is the channeler of source energy, picking up messages and blockages during a treatment.

Benefits of Sufi Healing

Sufi healing can mend your soul; it claims to cure all your problems. The benefits of Sufi healing are countless,

  • Sufi healing purifies your soul. It cleanses your inside, mind, and heart along with your body.
  • Sufi whirling (a Sufi healing method) helps you achieve a stable state between your mind and body. This inner alignment and more profound equilibrium can leave therapeutic effects on the body that will benefit health.
  • Sufi healing helps to stabilize your nervous system. It helps control depression, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance, calms your nerves, and lightens your spirit.
  • Sufi healing involves a calm environment. Adding calmness and purity to one’s environment can leave positive effects on the psyche. It decreases negative thoughts and lightens one’s mind.

Bottom line

Sufi healing is a non-toxic growing field, which promises a bright future ahead. It is tough to find any adverse consequences of this calm and quiet phenomenon, though you can find numerous benefits. The only objective of Sufism and Sufi healing is to bring prosperity and peace to the human being.

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