Kids’ Health

Early childhood health matters as it is the key to lifelong health. Keeping children emotionally, mentally and physically healthy at a young age means sparing them from health complications in the future.

Children's Health As the Foundation of Lifelong Health

Staying healthy is important to children as they are vulnerable to diseases. Keeping them healthy is the parents’ responsibility. Extensive clinical research identifies several foundations of lifelong health. Among these are a stress-free, responsive and supportive environment as well as appropriate and sound nutrition. Parents will give everything and all their best to raise their children well. However, there are really factors that we can’t control such as genetics. In situations when kids suffer from childhood sickness or children’s health is compromised, parents usually found themselves desperately trying to do everything right to get their kids health back to normal. We are always cautious to gear them for season changes; as every season comes along with its own treacherous challenges. Winter is the peak time of flu and cold. Meanwhile, summer develops into the heydays of allergies. On top of that, parents gird themselves to fight against their kid’s digestive disorders, asthma, food intolerance, or eczema. Being on guard of their health can take a toll on us. It would affect not just our childrens health or kids health but our health too. Before we know it, we are having anxiety attacks, insomnia and panic attacks. Does this sound familiar to you? Then it’s time to take a break, stop worrying and relax. At Balance Health, we not only share your concern, but we also offer an all-round kids health carefree package. We strongly believe that the natural approach combined with our holistic understanding of the infantile body is ideal for children of all ages.
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Pillar You Can Build on

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Children are our future and the light of nowadays world. That is the reason why we at Balance Health want the very best for your child.

We highly acknowledge the importance of supporting your kid’s health starting from infant age to give them a kickstart into becoming healthy grown-up adults. Therefore, we pursue a proactive and preventive approach that strengthens the immune system and boosts the body’s ability to cure itself.

Natural Treatments designed for your Child
All of our experienced practitioners at Balance Health follow the same guideline: we treat you child gentle, trustworthy and non-invasive:

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Effective Kids’ Health Treatment Methods

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Baby Massage


Baby Massage provides a quality bonding time between parents and babies. A time where babies can relax and express themselves and parents can know their baby more. Through the gentle movements the baby benefits from a series of effects like improved digestion, blood circulation and improved sleep quality.

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Homeopathy tackles a disease at its root cause and helps to uncover the whole picture of a disease outlining reasons and links leading to this condition. The consultation and prescribed remedy help to empower your body to utilize its own healing powers. Homeopathy is suitable for children due to the natural and harmless remedies and especially suitable for intolerances against conventional medicine.

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As kids nowadays grow up under immense cultural and societal pressure, psychological stress manifests in many behavioral problems. Therefore, Kinesiology muscle testing is used to identify where stress is stored in the physical or energetic system and helps to release it.

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Digestions Nutrition

Your journey could start with a nutritional consultation where you will receive nutritional and dietary advice on how to feet your child in an optimal and healthy way, as well as a plan of actions you can follow to built up your kids health holistically and without the use of harmful medicine.

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Our osteopath can detect mechanical or structural disorders in your child’s body that are not obvious on the surface, but nevertheless have a tremendous impact on the infantile well-being and balance. Osteopathy not only helps in supporting natural movements, but also encourages healthy growth.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bt Session

Chinese medicine therapies treat the root cause of the problem and balance the flow of energy, thereby helping to prevent the disease from recurring. Further treatments include Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture or cupping.

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Body Talk

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Body Talk treatments help with -
- Emotional issues as Children don’t have to talk if they don’t want to…their body does the talking!
- Accesses the root issue around a child’s fear, anxiety, sadness, anger
- Brain balancing
- Release of emotions from past challenges and traumas
- Balancing sensory processing
- Lower stress to improve memory
- Balance gut flora to impact anxiety, memory and learning

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