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What is a promotion package?

A promotion package allows you to enjoy multiple treatments at a discounted price. At Balance Health, we are pleased to provide a variety of packages covering different therapies and treated by different therapists. Please see the list below for more details.

Pregnancy Prenatal Program

With our holistic approach we support you to restore physical, emotional and mental harmony and we help you to maintain your inner balance and wellbeing during this wonderful time.

Price: HK$3,500

Package Include:

1 Initial Consultation (30 minutes)

3 Consultations/Treatments (60 minutes)

1 Beauty/Energy Tea or Body Oil as gift

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Active Bliss Package

In honor and celebration of Father's Day, Balance Health & Brutal Buddha have teamed up to present the #World'sBestDad - Active Bliss Package. This package is especially launched to support the health & wellness of our dads on this special day.

Introductory Price: HK$1500 (Until June 24th)
Regular Price: HK$1800 (June 25th Onwards)


One Brutal Buddha Premium Active Shorts
A choice of One Session of Acupuncture (either with Singing Bowl or Cupping) or One Session of Life Coaching or Integrated Bodywork Massage

Balance Health Centre is a holistic healing space to immerse and integrate with our true nature so we can HEAL, GROW and find ultimate FULFILLMENT. It's a place for gifted and experienced practitioners to infuse their presence and their mastery of ancient and modern healing techniques to transform our body, mind, and spirit.

Brutal Buddha provides premium men’s yoga apparel that is incredibly functional, comfortable, and stylish. We’re on a mission to help active men seeking balance live longer, healthier lives.

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Anti-Aging Facial AcuLift

A holistic package to balancing energy flow that naturally results in anti-aging, reduction of wrinkles, improve skin blemishes, and support inner health.

What will you get

6 x Sessions of Facial Acupuncture w Singing Bowl
Chinese Body Type Test
TCM Consultation
1 Gua Sha Tool & Training How to Use At Home

7020 HKD

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The Ultimate TCM Experience

What are the inclusions?

Chinese Herbal Tea
Chinese Body Type Test
One-on-one Consultation with TCM Practitioner
One session of any of the following: Acupuncture, Cupping or Moxibustion
3 Day worth of Herb Prescription

What do you expect during a session?

The Ultimate TCM Experience starts with a Chinese herbal tea to calm your senses and induce relaxation, followed by an in-depth analysis of your overall health, detailed health history, including past and current illnesses, and an understanding of the imbalances within your body.

You will receive a personalized report to customize the best treatment for your health with our Chinese Body Type Test. Based on the result, the TCM Practitioner will suggest the most suitable treatment (Acupuncture, Cupping, or Moxibustion) based on the unique body type constitution.

The Ultimate TCM Experience includes a 3-day herb prescription based on your unique patterns and symptoms customized by our Chinese Medicine practitioner to restore balance and improve overall health.

Total: $2000

Mother's Day

Choose Two (2) Special treatments and get up to $840 OFF our Mother's Day Special Gift!

Body Talk
Chi Nei Tsang
Craniosacral Treatment
Deep Tissue Massage
Life Coaching
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
Muscle & Massage Therapy
Raindrop Massage
Reiki Healing
Tibetan Bowls
Yoga Massage

This promo is valid for new clients & former customers trying out a new treatment!

Promo runs from APRIL 27 to May 31, 2020.

Total: HK$1960

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"Spark Your Life" Program
Judy Xu

Special New Year Session It's lime to Create your Miracles and Realise Your Dreams.

Reflect and have clarity with your life priorities using effective tools such as the "Wheel of Life"

Design a compelling vision which is connected to your deeper purpose and values

Overcome your biggest challenges and discover how you can shift limited beliefs into positivity and empowerment

Identify at least 3 energized actions to move forward towards your new year vision

Future- visualization to "see" yourself achieving the miracles and celebrate your wins

Plus a reading of your numerology year to ride the energy for your vision

2 hour session
Standard rate: $3400
New Year special rate: $2800

Detox Program
Catherine Hermant

We are offering a gentle yet profound detox program,the Kinesiology way which transpires over a period of 2 weeks with a modified diet,supplement and energy medicine treatments to rebalance all your systems: body,mind and emotions in a very natural and personalised way.

Catherine will be happy to guide you through an individualised detoxification protocol,with 1-1 Kinesiology
Personalized baseline report
6 days per week support
Nutritional and wellbeing coaching
Handbook,supplement and lifestyle
Recommendation plus more

SPECIAL RATE: HK$4800 (Original price HK$6000)
* Promotion valid until February 12,2021

Goal Setting & Manifestation
Hypnosis Programme with
Aldo Privileggi

We cannot have anything in our life that we cannot picture! If we look back at our past,whatever we have,we were able to visualize before.This is very useful and important to understand.

We all know about the concept and magical effect of visualization and manifesting our goals.But not everyone can visualize or hold their vision steady in mind for very long which is key.This can be learned through the beauty of hypnotherapy.

Experience this unique program aldo developed specifically designed for one year goal setting using visualisation and manifestation with the power of hypnosis...It's fantastic

$1700 for 60 minute session (new rate for 2021)


A wellness transformation of Mind , Body and Soul

Holistic cunsultation with 8 specialized integrative healing treatments to improve physical ,mental and emotional,spiritual well-being.

Holistic Health Coaching
Life Coaching

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Craniosacral Therapy
Massage Therapy

Energy Healing
Yuen Method
Reiki Therapy
Tibetan Singing Bowl

Total : HK$10,000

Balance Destress Package

Holistic consultation (30 minutes)
Coaching or counselling (60 minutes)

Acupuncture, Kinesiology or Body Talk treatment
Massage (Shiatsu, Thai, Deep Tissue or Craniosacral) Therapy
Reiki healing, Singing bowl or Shamanism treatment

Deep Release
Private Meditation or TRE treatment.

Total Cost:
HKD 5980

Balance Mother's Care Package

Just had a baby? Being a new mother can be fulfilling and overwhelming at the same time. Post-natal care is needed for to deal with the many significant changes in your body so that both you and your child are both happy and healthy.

Choose from the following treatments:
Physiotherapy by Wendy Lam
Acupuncture + Moxibustion by Ruth Lee
Life Coaching by Ziggy
Chi Nei Tsang by Mona Choi
Craniosacral Therapy by Michell See & 20 mins
Holistic Healing Consultation by Judy Xu

HKD $6,000/5 treatments

Balance Self-Care Package

Body Talk
Chi Nei Tsang
Craniosacral Therapy
Emotional Restoration & Breathwork
Raindrop Massage
Reiki Healing
Tibetan Bowls
Yoga massage
Life Coaching

Total: HKD 1960
( $840OFF )

Balance Sleep Package

Holistic Consultation
(60 minutes first session,
15 minutes follow-up)

Hypnotherapy or Private Meditation
Reiki Healing, Singing Bowl or
Craniosacral Therapy Treatment

Total Cost:
HKD 4950

Balance Pain Management Package

Best For :
Back pain, Chronic Pain,
Migrane, Neck pain

Choose from the following treatments :
Acupunture + Cupping/Gua sha (2 sessions)
or Deep Tissue Massage (2 sessions)

Package : $5400
Saving: $400

Balance IBS Package

TCM Consultation

Acupunture - 3 sessions
Chi Nei Tsang - 2 sessions

Total: HKD 4700 
( $700 OFF )

*Promotion valid for new customers only

Life Rebooting Hypnotherapy Program with
Aldo Privileggi

What will you get
In 3 sessions, most people can access and understand the root causes of their current physical, emotional and mental issues and be able to start a new life journey. If you want to be in full control of your life, Aldo Privileggi is the person who can help you.

Aldo has over 15 years of professional experience and is fully trained, licensed and certified in all areas of hypnotherapy, including QHHT quantum healing hypnosis technique, Past life regression & Classic Hypnotherapy.

1 session for 1,700 HKD
or 3 sessions for 4,600 HKD

Detox Promotion Program
Catherine Hermant

What will you get
4 weeks of 6 sessions of complete detox against 38 heavy metals.
A 30-page report assessing your toxic levels.
An individualized treatment plan with food calibration and eventual supplements.

1 session for 2,500 HKD
or 6 sessions for 10,800 HKD

4,200 HKD

Package A:
Fertility and IVF Support with Traditional Chinese Medicine

What will you get
5 acupuncture sessions.
5 moxibustion sessions
5 light massage sessions

Discounted Rate
6000 HKD

Package B:
Fertility and IVF Support with Traditional Chinese Medicine

What will you get
Acupuncture 5 sessions
Ear seeds treatment 5 sessions
Moxibustion 5 sessions
Tibetan Bowls 2 sessions

Discounted Rate
6000 HKD

Slimming with Traditional Chinese Medicine

What will you get
6 x electro-acupuncture sessions.
6 x ear-seeds therapy sessions.
3 x cupping therapy sessions.

6,000 HKD

2,700 HKD 

Wellness In-love Package

Price: $1960 for 2 Treatments ($840 OFF) for yourself or with your loved one!

Cupping Therapy
Integrated Bodywork
Chi Nei Tsang
Craniosacral Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage
Raindrop Technique
Reiki Energy Healing
Tibetan Singing Bowls

Terms & Conditions:

Promo is valid until February 2022 Only.

About Balance Health
Balance Health is one of Hong Kong’s earliest natural health clinics. By integrating the principles of conventional, complementary, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, an international team of therapists is able to take a more holistic perspective, considering lifestyles, nutrition, emotions, energies, behavior patterns, and beliefs.
Balance Health offers treatments such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Bodywork, Energy Medicine, and Coaching (Mind/body) to allow the body to heal naturally and be less susceptible to disease.
Core strengths of Balance Health include Holistic Health, Fertility, Women’s Health, Pain (Physical & Emotional), Mental Wellbeing (Stress & Anxiety), and Personal Transformation.

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Ultimate Detox Package

What are you getting ?
One (1) Session of Acupuncture
One (1) Session of Cupping Therapy
One (1) 7-Day Easy Detox Classic Kit

1,280 HKD

720 HKD