Life Coach at Balance Health

For you to truly thrive on the outside, you must be whole on the inside.

Judy Xu, Balance Health’s life coach, has extensive training and knowledge of wide-ranging skills and practices to support you in mastering the journey to your intended destination. Her life coach sessions will deal with three major aspects of your life, including:

Optimized Health – The holistic approach: She creates a plan that will optimize your health and performance by exploring nutrition, exercise, sleep & rest patterns, emotional wellbeing and mindfulness.

Optimized Mindset – Programming life’s algorithm: She identifies the limiting beliefs that hold you back and replace these with empowering beliefs that inspire, ignite & propel you forward with ease.

Optimized Power – Authenticity & alignment: Power is an inner work. She will dig deep and connect to the highest place within yourself, then learn how to operate from the alignment with the fullness of who you truly are.

Expected outcomes after life coach sessions with Judy:

  • Achieve Authentic Success and Experience the Flow
  • Transform your Business and Career
  • Fine-Tune Mind Habits
  • Improve Life Satisfaction
  • Optimize Well-being
  • Craft Peak Performance
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Our Therapist

Judy Xu