Shamanic Counselling

Find clarity, direction, and empowerment on your journey to self-discovery.

What is the promise?

  • Discover your life purpose, step into your authentic self, and find fulfillment.
  • Overcome your greatest obstacles and embrace a life of abundance and joy.
  • Find clarity, direction, and empowerment on your journey to self-discovery.
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What is Shamanic Counselling?


Shamanic Counselling takes a different approach than traditional Shamanism. Instead of being tied to a specific culture or region, it taps into universal shamanic practices to help you connect directly with the spiritual realm for positive transformation.


In this process, you're equipped with tools to recognize and shift sneaky unconscious patterns holding you back, leading to healing and a life of greater fulfillment and joy.


Shamanic Counselling accelerates:

  • Getting to know yourself better.
  • Finding the courage to follow your gut instincts, heart knowing, and intuition.
  • Using nature's resources to tackle your life challenges.
  • Living in harmony with nature.

What are the practical applications and benefits?


  • Overcoming your limiting beliefs.
  • Transforming old patterns that keep you stuck.
  • Tapping into your inner wisdom.
  • Finding answers to long-standing questions.
  • Strengthening your mental fitness, clarity, and discernment

How it Works 

  • Initially you and I identify the issue you wish to heal.
  • I guide you through a Shamanic journey in which you safely and easefully access your wisdom.
  • We then explore the insights and wisdom gained directing you toward your healing.
  • It is an iterative process, a loop, we keep going on these journeys, getting closer and closer to healing and you feeling more empowered.
  • I will also teach you dream-work and other modalities to unlock additional wisdom from your unconscious mind.
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How does Shamanic Counselling work? Can you walk me through a typical session?

In our first meeting, we explore your healing goals and gain clarity on the issues to address. Often it takes some digging to gain clarity on what really is ready to be created or to be healed. Clarity comes in the form of a clear questions to be answered by you. Through a guided process resembling a treasure hunt, you uncover answers to your questions, leading to deeper insights. I provide instructions on accessing your unconscious mind, similar to guided meditation. During the sessions you discover your own symbols and clues from nature that give you guidance for clarity and healing. I will help you interpret the guidance received, how to frame questions for your subconscious, and what modalities to more skillfully access your unconscious (wisdom). It is an iterative process.

Is Shamanic Counselling suitable for everyone, regardless of cultural background or belief system?

Yes, Shamanic Counselling is inclusive of all cultural backgrounds and belief systems. It doesn't require a specific belief system and utilizes universal shamanic principles from around the world.

How long does it typically take to see results from Shamanic Counselling?

Initially, significant insights, healing, and growth are achieved within a six-session package. Further packages are available for continued growth, learning self-guided shamanic journeys, or addressing new challenges.

Can Shamanic Counselling be combined with other therapeutic approaches or modalities?

Yes. I integrate other modalities as needed such as hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, executive coaching, numerology and more to support your journey of wholistic growth. Here is a story of how the integrative approach supported one of my clients to fully step into her power during an important life transition. (please add the link to Rocio’s blog)

How do I know if Shamanic Counselling is right for me?

Book a 20 minutes -complementary wholistic consultation with Judy to discuss whether Shamanic counselling is the best solution to meet the goal you want to achieve
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Judy Xu
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Bx Phone +852 2530 3315
Judy is an intuitive guide to a life of purpose and bliss. She skillfully draws from her expertise as a Holistic Health Coach, Life Coach, Intuitive Coaching/Akashic Record, and Numerology reading.
Her life’s work is to facilitate the same for her clients: to look at health and life’s purpose from a holistic perspective; to understand the best way to be of service and the path to create it; to identify limiting beliefs, the destructive patterns that create anxiety and stress, and then to transform all the inhibitions to wisdom and blissfulness.
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