Dani Figueiras

Certified Bioresonance Therapist

Practiced holistic therapies in Thailand, India, Germany, Australia and South America since 2004 

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Experienced in Chi Nei Tsang, Ayurveda, Osteo Thai therapy, and Reiki/Quantum energy

English, Portuguese and Spanish

Dani has studied holistic therapies extensively in Thailand, India, Germany, Australia and South America since 2004 and his work combines various techniques such as Chi Nei Tsang, Ayurveda, Osteo Thai therapy, and Reiki/Quantum energy to formulate a unique way of treating clients. He also uses Thai Gua Sha (Chedhak) and Tok Sen for chronic problems. He is a certified and experienced Bioresonace therapist, a non-invasive treatment during which electrodes connect the body to a Bioresonace device which checks the energy wavelengths coming from the patient. Discoveries made in quantum physics have revealed that all particles of matter share the characteristics of both waves and particles. This means that all substances – and therefore all cells in all parts of the body, as well as viruses, bacteria, pollen, toxins, etc. – emit electromagnetic waves. Depending upon their nature, all substances have their specific wavelength or frequency with highly individual characteristics known as a frequency pattern. The Bioresonace machine counteracts bad frequencies by restoring optimum balance.

Dani's Specialisations

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Allergies & food sensitivities
  • Digestive disorders
  • Infertility
  • Stress, anxiety and other emotional concerns


Therapies, Classes & Programmes By the Practitioner

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Chi Nei Tsang

CHI NEI TSANG, in Chinese, literally means “working the energy of the internal organs” or “internal organs chi transformation.” and comes from ancient Chinese Taoist knowledge and tradition.

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Osteo Therapy

Osteopathy treats a wide range of conditions from chronic pain to acute injuries. Using a variety of techniques, osteopathy is suitable for all: children, adults, seniors, pregnant women, and sportsmen alike.

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Reiki healing therapy works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to balance all the chakras of the body.

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Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance is a therapy applied by both holistic wellness and complimentary medicine practitioners.

It utilizes an advanced machine to measure the energy wavelengths from the body. Those measures are then leveraged by the experts to diagnose the person's condition.
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Customer Testimonials

We support you in your journey to HEAL, GROW and FIND BLISS

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There have been continuing shifts in my body and energy fields, and I’m light years ahead of where I would be on both fronts if I’d not met you. Thank you.
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I have been seeing Dani since 2012 for various health issues and have had very good results. Most particularly has been the recent services of the Bioresonance Therapist Dani Figueiras following some reactions that I experienced after taking the vaccine against COVID-19. The accuracy of the use of this method of therapy is very impressive.
Dr. Li
Hong Kong
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I am so impressed and grateful with the wonderful work done by Dani Figueiras.
I had the long-term digestive problems, after his professional treatment, I felt much much better and it is easy to have healthy smooth stool. And also he treated my neck and spine pain in a tender way, i felt fresh and light. In addition, Dani give a lot useful healthy suggestions, such as daily posture to release the tension of neck and legs, special diet to alleviate my allergy.  He does show me that he is professional !
Thanks so much 
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Dani is very professional, highly recommended !!
Yip Hannah

Appointments & Classes

Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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