Hafsa Khan

Fertility, Pregnancy, Sports Injuries,
Chronic Pain, Stress
+852 2530 3315

Certified MD of Alternative Medicine- Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
Master of Myofascial Cupping Academy of Integrative Medicine
Clinical Cupping Therapy - Marl Perre Jones Spa Training
Practitioners Diploma in Massage Therapy – London College of Massage
Pregnancy and Labour massage – London School of Massage
Diploma in Pathology - Federation of Holistic therapies - London
Reiki Master - Institution of Applied Holistic Science and The International School of Reiki - Shanghai
Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy - St Paul's College - London
Meditation Practitioner / Teacher Certification - The Priority Academy
EFT/TFT Master practitioner - The Priority Academy
Certified Mindfulness Couch - The Transformation Academy
Certified Law Of Attraction life coach - The Transformation Academy
Certified Spiritual Life Coach - The Transformation Academy
200hr Yoga Teacher Training - Drishti Yoga Shala -Shanghai

Hafsa Sana Khan has spent 6 years researching, developing and testing unique and functional ways to improve health and well-being in a holistic whole body approach that supports the physical body and the mental body. Her unique methods and diverse range of treatments give her a predictable framework to assess and deliver the best care to her clients.

​Hafsa is a natural born healer, that started noticing her intuitive abilities at the age of 5. She has always been committed to helping others to create positive change in their lives. She is compassionate and caring and tailors all her treatments to meet the needs of each individual; ensuring they are happy and confident with the results. ​Hafsa specialises in 2 techniques that she has mastered and developed over a span of 6 years.

1) Conscious healing with energy medicine and coaching; healing, injuries, fertility, stress, depression, and anxiety using Sufi healing, EFT, visualisation techniques and meditation

2) Muscle therapy; which is great for mobility issues , chronic pain, and stiffness is a combination of myolfascial release therapy, light stretches, cupping, graston, and massage therapy.

​Hafsa has a background in Alternative Medicine, Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine, Energy medicine, Massage Therapy, Cupping, Yoga stretch therapy, Spiritual life coaching, meditation/ mindfulness, Reiki and Muscle therapy. She is also a certificated counsellor/psychotherapist. Her extensive experience as an energy healer working in the field of bodywork therapies and her focus on chronic pain and stress; offers harmony, balance & ease to any busy Hong Konger looking for solutions to improve or manage their pain, stress, and wellbeing. She has worked on patients all over the world.

"My work is dedicated to making sure that you receive the best treatment you deserve My clients are my no.1 priority and I whole heartedly make sure that they always leave with a smile and peace of mind."


- Fertility
- Pregnancy
- Sports Injuries
- Chronic Pain
- Stress
-Fatigue and low energy
-Frozen Shoulder
-Mobility issues
- Pre natal and post natal pain and tension


Sufism and Sufi Healing
Women’s Health – Good Breast Health
How Massage Helps Promote Sleep
How Muscle Therapy & Massage therapy help pain relief and mobility problems

Therapies by Hafsa



What a great practitioner.

"What a great practitioner. Has been helping with me pregnancy related hip pain. worth every penny"

Her sessions have given me more mobility and flexibility

"I have been seeing Hafsa every week. And her sessions have given me more mobility and flexibility. Amazing"

She's super friendly and will guide you through anything

"Hafsa definitely knows what she's doing!
She's super friendly and will guide you through anything that you may be going through physically and emotionally"
Kiran R

She sorted out all of my knots, the tight tendons and fascia and even my hip pain is so much better

"My Body Thanks you!
Hafsa booked me in on such short notice after I had a really bad back spasm. I've also had chronic hip pain since giving birth and all I can say is that this is literally one of the best massages I've ever had. Just the right amount of pressure, firm but not painful, with the right stretches to loosen my knots up. I am so impressed with her professionalism, her technique and her warmth, I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone else. I have already booked my next treatment session with her. She has the hands of a healer (and this is coming from a doctor!) and coupled with the knowledge about human anatomy and physiology she makes for the perfect therapist. She sorted out all of my knots, the tight tendons and fascia and even my hip pain is so much better. She is honestly a godsend."

Hafsa is an incredible healer, her energy is warm and welcoming.

"Hafsa is an incredible healer, her energy is warm and welcoming. As soon as I lay down, her soothing voice kept me grounded and calm. She talks through some imagery about my past and present and helped me unblock and clear negative patterns that don’t serve me. After her session, I felt energised and renewed. I took her advice to look within and I am slowly seeing changes around me"