Hafsa Khan

Hafsa is a Certified Alternative Medicine, practitioner of many modalities including sports massage and reiki, a coach and a facilitator of spiritual and transformative growth..
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She has spent 7 years researching, developing and testing unique and functional ways to improve health and well-being in an integrative holistic whole-body approach that supports The physical body, The mental body and The spiritual body. She is the founder of a ' The Slayer Method'
Her unique methods and diverse range of treatments give her a predictable framework to assess and deliver the best care to all those that truly want a change in their life.
Patient Focus approach : For you to reach your highest level of wellbeing and self actualised potential so that you may live an abundant and beautiful life, full of love, gratitude and kindness.
Story: Retrain your conditioned mind, perception of the world and perception of yourself.You are the author of your own story. What would you like it to be ?
Community: True wellness and spiritual evolution lies in experiencing divinity in everything and seeing divinity in everyone
The essence of Hafsa’s work is to facilitate self- healing and self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life, so that you can overcome them with confidence. She specialises in creating personalised services or plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.

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Qualifications & Key Interests:

  • ​ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Certified MD of Alternative Medicine
  • Practitioner Diploma in Massage Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Master of Myofascial Clinical Cupping
  • Diploma in Pathology
  • Pre and Post Natal Massage
  • Certified mediation Teacher
  • Reiki Master & Sufi Energy Medicine
  • Master Practitioner EFT/ TFT
  • Sound Healing & Sound Therapy


  • Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach
  • Certified Mindfulness Coach
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach
  • Certified Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Meditation Practitioner


  • 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher – Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha
  • 10+ years Dance
  • Wing chung
  • Energy Flow


Therapies, Classes & Programmes By the Practitioner

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Muscle Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy – involves the manipulation of soft-tissue, for example muscles, fascia, ligaments & tendons, to relieve tightness, pain, and stress. Massage reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, reduces muscle tension, improves flexibility, and relieves pain. Massage Therapy has tremendous therapeutic benefits. It is an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, and has proven to be beneficial for many acute and chronic conditions.

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Relaxation Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage helps alleviate tension that builds up in the body soft tissue during regular physical activity. Where minor injuries and lesions occur, due to overexertion and/or overuse, massage can break them down quickly and effectively. It will help to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries, whether a person is an athlete or a once a week jogger.

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Pre and Post Natal Massage

Pre and postnatal massage works by using various techniques to address the physical and emotional changes that happen during pregnancy and postpartum. During prenatal massage, the therapist will use techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and lymphatic drainage to alleviate pain and discomfort in the muscles and joints, promote relaxation, and improve circulation. Prenatal massage is usually done with the mother lying on her side, supported by pillows, to ensure comfort and safety for both the mother and the baby. Postnatal massage typically focuses on areas of the body that may be sore or tense after childbirth, such as the lower back, hips, and shoulders. The therapist may use gentle stretching and massage techniques to help realign the body, reduce swelling, and promote healing. Postnatal massage can also help with emotional well-being by providing a safe and nurturing space for the mother to relax and release stress. Both pre and postnatal massage can be customized to the needs and preferences of the mother, and it is important to communicate with the therapist about any concerns or discomforts during the massage. .

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Remedial Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Our bodies hold many things – past injuries – physical, emotional and spiritual. Our habits can lead to a limited range of motion that constrains our freedom of movement and ultimately cause pain. Deep tissue massage or healing uses the techniques of neuromuscular release to stimulate the natural healing power of the body. Using a pressure right for you and your state of health, during your deep tissue massage Hong Kong sessions, we will explore areas of your body that you feel may be blocked, holding onto something, or just tighter than you would like them to be. Deep Tissue Massage and Release is effective as it can help eliminate toxins held in muscles and organs and can facilitate the detox process.

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Sufi Healing

Spiritual healing regards the awakening of one’s self. It refers to the unleashing of humans’ philanthropist qualities such as forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, and harmony. These qualities are present in all human beings, but only a few of them can realize them. Sufi healing uses divine energy channeled by the practitioner. It awakens the human being and makes them realize the treasure they are hiding inside. Different methods are used for this Sufi healing. All these various techniques are based on three basic approaches. They can be modern, traditional, or spiritual. Different people require different types of healing. Some may need recovery related to the body; some may require it for the mind and emotions, while others may want healing for their soul. The healing may include spiritual methods or physical methods.

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What a great practitioner.
“What a great practitioner. Has been helping with me pregnancy related hip pain. worth every penny”


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Her sessions have given me more mobility and flexibility
“I have been seeing Hafsa every week. And her sessions have given me more mobility and flexibility. Amazing”


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She’s super friendly and will guide you through anything
“Hafsa definitely knows what she’s doing!
She’s super friendly and will guide you through anything that you may be going through physically and emotionally”


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She sorted out all of my knots, the tight tendons and fascia and even my hip pain is so much better
“My Body Thanks you!
Hafsa booked me in on such short notice after I had a really bad back spasm. I’ve also had chronic hip pain since giving birth and all I can say is that this is literally one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Just the right amount of pressure, firm but not painful, with the right stretches to loosen my knots up. I am so impressed with her professionalism, her technique and her warmth, I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone else. I have already booked my next treatment session with her. She has the hands of a healer (and this is coming from a doctor!) and coupled with the knowledge about human anatomy and physiology she makes for the perfect therapist. She sorted out all of my knots, the tight tendons and fascia and even my hip pain is so much better. She is honestly a godsend.”

-Kiran R

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Hafsa is an incredible healer, her energy is warm and welcoming.
“Hafsa is an incredible healer, her energy is warm and welcoming. As soon as I lay down, her soothing voice kept me grounded and calm. She talks through some imagery about my past and present and helped me unblock and clear negative patterns that don’t serve me. After her session, I felt energised and renewed. I took her advice to look within and I am slowly seeing changes around me”


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I would definitely recommend her to anyone
I have done 3 sessions with Hafsa for my shoulder.
Within that time i have seen a remarkable improvement.
I have more flexibility and flow of movement. And less pain.
She has a lovely demeanor…..
Made me feel extremely comfortable right from the start.
Understood the needs of the client when not to push too hard.
Safe and relaxing environment.
Am extremely thankful for her kindness and making me well again.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
Thank you so much!

-Diane Melwani

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