Welcome to Balance Health

Your health oasis in the middle of busy Hong Kong; a place where we can support your and your family’s journey to a healthier and happier life.

Balance Health is a natural health clinic offering an alternative to the conventional treatments, as no single system of medicine has the answers to every medical problem. As one of Hong Kong’s earliest natural alternative clinics, Balance Health has supported thousands achieving health and well-being in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

By integrating the principles of conventional and complementary medicine our international team of therapists is able to take a broader view – lifestyle, nutrition, emotions, behaviour patterns, and beliefs. Health and wellness is more than simply the absence of pain. Balance Health offers alternative therapies to provide the body with the opportunity to heal naturally, making it stronger and less susceptible to illness and disease.

Whether you have health issues and want to facilitate your healing process or are just looking for a moment to escape your busy life: We connect you to practitioners to offer treatments tailored to your individual wishes and needs.



“We are your oasis for health in the middle of Hong Kong.”

Why Balance Health?


  • We treat with compassion, time and open communication between therapist and patient
  • All natural solutions for your health and well-being
  • All aspects of your condition will be taken into account
  • Providing a truly natural and integrative healthcare approach
  • Service you with the ability to find effective solutions for long-term health problems
  • We diagnose and treat the root cause of your problem
  • We re-establish the body’s own natural healing ability to achieve harmony and balance
  • Committed to positively contributing to the environment and providing you with fresh, clean surroundings

What We Do Best


Our non-invasive therapies can help you with infertility.


We support you before and after your pregnancy.

Kid’s Health

We have a gentle, calm and non-invasive approach.

Women’s Health

We support you before and after your pregnancy.

Hormonal Imbalance

Our integrative therapies will help you to stay in balance.

Sports Injuries

Our therapists support your recovery from sports injuries.

Chronic Pain

We help you to relief pain and address its root cause.


Our therapies can help with indigestion.

Respiratory System

We can help to alleviate allergies and breathing problems.

Emotional Support

Anxiety, Stress, Depression and more.