Pregnancy - a life changing journey to maternity

The best time of your life begins with the discovery of being pregnant. Congratulations! You performed a miracle. You are now the one, who gives shelter to new growing life. The phenomenon of two hearts beating in only one body is one of the most fascinating and exciting things with which Mother Earth has endowed us. Pregnancy can be an amazing journey in a woman’s life and an incredible experience. It empowers you to unconditional love and a deeper purpose of life.

However, your nine-month-journey to motherhood is not only filled with happiness but also with challenges. You will discover new aches and pains that probably never existed. These changes highly affect the woman’s body and mind and can be quite challenging. But don’t worry! All women are different and no pregnancy is alike. So don’t let your fellows and surroundings scare your with horror pregnancy stories.

Looking after yourself and your unborn baby is a number one priority that goes hand in hand with a lot of unanswered questions and doubts. How do you find all the answers that are individually right for both of you? Balance Health supports and assists you as you embark on the journey to motherhood. Balance Health is your companion, when the challenges make you feel out of balance and energy.

How does TCM support your pregnancy?

Traditional Chinese Medicine encourages and restores physical, emotional and even mental harmony and helps you to maintain your inner balance and wellbeing. It further helps you to better cope with the changes that pregnancy brings to the female body and mind. TCM pursues an integrated and holistic approach in combination with different treatments like acupuncture and massage. These natural therapies can offer safe relief from common complaints, help to prevent miscarriage, assist in preparing the body for birth, and aid in post-natal recovery. It can be beneficial from the very beginning and supports a healthy and peaceful pregnancy.

  • Prenatal Acupuncture

    The hormonal changes that come with pregnancy can have an impact on a woman’s psyche. “Pregnancy just by its nature can bring out some underlying psychiatric and emotional issues,” said co-author Deirdre Lyell, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford University. This is where acupuncture sets in. Acupuncture increases your blood flow, which leads to an improved distribution of oxygen and nutrients.

    acupuncture pregnancy

    Simultaneously, it lowers the level of inflammation in your body and supports your immune system. Research proves a bigger reduction in depression symptoms for women using acupuncture treatment. 50 percent had a reduction in the symptoms! During pregnancy acupuncture has the following benefits:

    ○ Focuses on establishing a healthy foundation for pregnancy
    ○ Maintains balance and provides amelioration of aches and pains
    ○ Helps women to prepare for peaceful labor and delivery

  • Prenatal Shiatsu Massage

    Depending on the trimester you are in, Shiatsu strengthens your core essence allowing your body to move through the natural process of pregnancy and childbirth. All sessions are geared towards your comfort and needs, and our practitioner Anne Cousin will guide you through to find and keep your inner balance. Based on research it is proved that women who suffer from stress may have a higher chance of getting a hyperactive child. Maternal stress is also strongly linked to pre-term delivery. It is hardly surprising. Because the first and deepest connection a baby develops is that to his mother: All emotional stress will be transferred to the baby. Shiatsu helps to release your tenses and supports the body’s self-regulation and vitality. Thanks to Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine you can guarantee your baby a more peaceful and nourished start.

    prenatal shiatsu

    Shiatsu during Pregnancy is helpful with the following:
    ○ Pain, headaches and migraine
    ○ Digestive problems
    ○ Sleeping disorders
    ○ Asthmatic symptoms
    ○ Depression, anxiety and stress related symptoms
    ○ Lethargy and fluid retention
    ○ Improving energy and well-being

  • Yuen Method

    yuen method pregnancy

    The Yuen Method explores the imbalances which are only the origin of pain and only the symptom of a blockade. Mainly stress and an imbalance of your mind-set will be treated with the Yuen Method. This complementary profound health technique can greatly increase your fertility and wish for pregnancy.

    ○ Solve your blockades no matter in which area of your life
    ○ Discover your weaknesses and simply delete them
    ○ No waiting time, no pills, no analysis: Just let it happen!

  • Prenatal Nutrition

    The American Pregnancy Association suggests that a change in nutrition takes three to twelve month in order to complete. Food or chemicals damage or mimic our hormones in the body causing us to be dominant in certain hormones, which leads to imbalance.

    prenatal nutrition

    When optimizing our nutritional intake we nourish our cells with the best possible nutrients that are needed for our cells to function properly and efficiently. But what can you do to positively affect your baby? Begin to clean up your body and make yourself a healthy environment for your unborn child. Experience yourself how nutrition affects you and your unborn baby.

    ○ Try to live as healthy as possible
    ○ Do not drink alcohol or coffee
    ○ Do not smoke or eat fatty foods

Understand yourself!
Balance Health is happy to assist you with a tailor-made prenatal health plan for you and your child.
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“The most important thing I had learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one.”
– Jill Churchill


  • Do you experience typical pregnancy symptoms?

    Your pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, each lasting 13 to 14 weeks. Each time period is characterized by different changes and body conditions: Symptoms include morning sickness, headaches, back pain, mood swings or food aversions. Heartburn, sore breasts and depressions are also common side effects. Statistically, almost 80 percent of pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting in their first trimester. Another 14 percent suffer from feelings of dread, gloom and hopelessness, and a loss of interest in normally pleasurable activities.

    But during your pregnancy you want the shining glow on your cheeks and the happy smile on your lips to be the only side effects dominating your daily life. Being pregnant is no illness. However, what can you do to ease the pain? Pharmaceutical medication or Western hormone therapies are out of question. According to a study from Stanford University School of Medicine an integrative approach appears to be the most effective way to reduce the prenatal symptoms. Balance Health pursues exactly this holistic approach by means of Chinese Medicine – the natural alternative to feel comfortable!



Embark on your journey to motherhood! Take the first step on this journey and let Balance Health be the one who accompanies you.


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