Why Functional Medicine?

The aim of Functional Medicine, is to address the root cause of a disorder or disease. In order to take the necessary steps to correct these dysfunctions our Practitioner will identify the triggers, pathogenic influences and toxicities that lead to the imbalances in body.

The consultation process will investigate your health history, your lifestyle habits and potential environmental exposures from which a customised dietary plan together with any detox and supplemental support will be advised, thereby supporting you on your journey to better health and well-being.

Our approach to Functional Medicine is to define the condition you have by using the best Functional Medicine laboratories in the world to determine the triggers, blockages, deficiencies or imbalances contributing to the condition.

The laboratory tests that are used include a variety of specimens from saliva, blood or urine for example, which will determine various biomarkers in the body of metabolism and function.

Your Benefits

The benefits of the functional medicine approach are that you will receive natural remedies that are targeted at the true root cause of your imbalances in which will help to holistically address the disorder you are suffering from.

Our functional medicine practitioner is specialised in:
• Prenatal Care
• Infertility
• Weight Loss
• Hormonal Imbalance
• Cancer Treatments

Your Consultation

During the consultation our practitioner will first ask questions to find out about your health history, your symptoms and dysfunctions, with the aim to get a comprehensive picture of your condition.

After that he will suggest a number a clinical tests that will help clarify your condition specifically.

He will create a specific nutritional plan for you to follow. During your treatment process there will be a series of follow-up sessions to analyse your condition and to further support you on your journey to holistic health. The amount of these sessions fully depends on your individual condition.


If needed for your individual condition our practitioner will recommend supplements or oils to support your healing process.These supplements are obtained form the best suppliers ensuring optimal utilization within the body.

Hormonal Balance

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Our Therapists

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