Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach to improve communication and personal development through influencing the brain’s neurological process, language and behaviour patterns.
It is a set of tools which help you to gain better insight of your thoughts and behaviours. By learning how to better manage your thoughts, attitude, mood, communication skills, behaviour and actions, you will be able to improve your performance and achieve success in life.
Whether you want to change an unwanted behaviour, quit a bad habit, move out from a “stuck” situation in life, resolve conflicts, overcome barriers, or want to get clarity in your life, evaluate options, improve skills, enhance relationships, set a goal for the future and take actions…NLP can help you to improve every aspect in your professional and personal life.

What To Expect?
Just like any coaching session, during the first session, the practitioner will ask a series of scientifically designed questions to get a full picture of the issues that the client is facing. It is mainly just conversation. Both the practitioner and the client themselves will get a thorough understanding of their current issue and what they want to achieve.
Starting from the second session, the practitioner will start using a set of NLP techniques to assist the client to reach the desired state. It will involve the client’s imagination and trust in their own unconscious mind. The client will either sit or stand or walk a few steps. In most cases the client does not need to lie down.
Depending on the issue, most clients see a big shift after 2-3 sessions.


Our Therapists

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