Around 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from allergies. The trend is steadily increasing and affecting as many as 30% of adults and 40% of children.

Allergies & Immunity

For many people the changing of the season does not only herald the start of holiday, but also the start of seasonal allergies like hay fever. A wide range of allergens are responsible for allergic reactions.

Allergies have its roots in our immune system, which protects us from invading germs or bacteria usually causing illnesses. The immune system of people who are affected by an allergy responds however differently. It mistakenly classifies an otherwise harmless substance – so called allergen – as an invader and sets off a false alarm. As a result the production of antibodies is immediately induced causing cells to release histamine in abundance. Finally, these chemicals trigger the allergic reaction causing us for example to sneeze.

Common allergens include pollen and plants, dust, food, insect stings, animal dander, mold, medications, latex, UV-light. Allergy symptoms range from making you miserable to putting you at risk for life.

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Expert in Natural Allergy Treatment


Unfortunately, there is no conventional cure to successfully wipe out allergies. In most cases only the symptoms are treated with common medications like antihistamines or decongestants. The allergy itself including the false reaction of the immune system remains the same. Dr. William E. Berger, clinical professor at the University of California, reported that one third of all allergy patients think their medications don’t work and furthermore cause unwanted side effects.

Surveys show that an increasing number of allergy sufferers seek relief from treatments and remedies provided by Mother Nature. Less people tend to trust conventional medications from the drugstore counter.

Our clinic specialises in food, skin and seasonal allergies. Our certified practitioners can help to fix the root cause and provide treatment of your asthma symptoms.

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Effective Allergy Treatment Methods

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Homeopathy considers allergies as a sign of a defective immune system and as the body’s appeal for help. According to the homeopathic believe the allergen is just the trigger to the problem and not the underlying cause itself. Our homeopath Martin Mailaender assesses your body constitution on a physical, emotional and mental level in order to remove and eliminate the underlying cause completely.

Appropriately selected homeopathic remedies will support this process in strengthening your immune system and in stimulating your body’s ability to heal itself.

How does a consultation at Balance Health look like?

1. First consultation: In-depth interview about medical report, symptoms, personality, and lifestyle factors (1-2 hours)
2. Analysis: evaluating body, mind and emotions
3. Medical application: prescribing customized remedies (within the first consultation or the day after)
4. Follow-up Consultation: observing the health condition and healing process (5-7 days later)

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Functional Medicine & Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Health Consultation

Functional medicine is about getting to the root cause of a disease or dysfunction, by identifying the triggers, imbalances, pathogenic influences and toxicities. It combines the consultative expertise together with the appropriate diagnostic procedures, like laboratory tests, to help the patient regain balance, wellness and vitality. Diet, detoxication and supplementation are the key tools to correct any imbalance.

How does a consultation at Balance Health look like?
The treatment with our functional medicine practitioner and holistic nutritionist Miles Price is built up in three evaluation steps:
1. Conducting a thorough health, family history, lifestyle and diet evaluation
2. Evaluating blood tests and laboratory results
3. Prescribing specific dietary modifications, with supplemental detoxification support if needed

The benefits of this holistic approach combined with clinical support result in more energy, vitality, and elimination of symptoms.

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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Young Woman Getting Acupuncture Treatment

A German study published in 2013 proved evidence of the efficacy and benefits of Acupuncture in treating seasonal allergy symptoms. The lead author Benno Brinkhaus, who was quoted in a Time magazine report on the study, highly recommends a trial of acupuncture for patients who are not satisfied with conventional medication or treatment or if their medication leads to unacceptable side effects.

TCM practitioners believe that allergy patients are prone to recurring allergic reactions because they suffer from an underlying weakness, often a deficiency of lung and spleen Qi. On the one hand, Lung Qi accounts for the proper function of the entire respiratory system including the nasal air passages. On the other hand, spleen Qi is responsible for the smooth transport of body fluids. When the Qi is out of balance it leads to annoying allergic symptoms.

The stimulation of acupuncture points around the nose usually relieve sneezing and nasal congestion immediately. In combination with herbal medicine that strengthen the lung and spleen function you achieve physical and emotional well-being.

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Neuro Energetic Kinesiology


Neuro Energetic Kinesiology is a recognized, comprehensive, non-invasive system of healthcare that uses calming and muscle monitoring techniques to unlock and access the body’s information on stress and symptoms in order to identify and release the stresses that can cause diseases like allergies.

Kinesiology may be used to identify specific allergens to which you respond sensitive. When you are exposed to an allergen, the theory supposes that muscles indicate the allergy by becoming weak. The muscle testing is used as kind of a natural biofeedback system that detects the information your body wants to share. After the identification of certain allergens our kinesiologist works to correct the energetic imbalance.

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The Yuen Method


The Yuen Method has its roots in ancient Chinese Shaolin temples and outshines by its simplicity as it can be applied anywhere and anytime without the necessity to physically touch the patient. More than half of our patients have never been physically present as a Skype or Facetime call is absolutely sufficient. It is an energetic principle that looks at the human experience in its core components of body, mind and spirit. It believes that you are either ”strong or weak” to any given subject matter, person or situation. The aim of the Yuen Method is to find this weakness, strengthen it and finally delete it.

Our practitioner Victor Geronimo works to make sure that all levels of consciousness are harmonious. It works to remove energy blockages and help you to overcome any given problem - even your long lasting asthma.

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Body Talk

Bt Session

Using Body Talk, we desensitize the body without elimination diets or reactions. Your body can learn to integrate these substances rather than having to fight against them. It is unique to the BodyTalk System that you can learn to live with a reactive substance, integrating it into your lifestyle, rather than avoiding it. Unlike some other allergy treatment programs, BodyTalk involves a short series of sessions and follow up. Your body will become desensitized to the substance while restoring your immune response and overall health.

Our practitioner Angie Tourani is Hong Kong’s only Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Instructor. She specializes in working with emotional issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia, immune system weaknesses, and sensory integration disorder with both adults and children.

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Body Type

Balance Health offers a Chinese Body Type Test that is an in-depth blueprint analysis of your overall health with a personalized report on the best Chinese Medicine treatment for you based on your unique body constitution. Among the Chinese body constitutions is allergy. With the body type test, you will receive a thorough assessment of three key areas: Ying & Yang balance, overall life force (Qi), and energy of five elements related to five main organ systems. The online test will take approximately 10 to 15 mins. You’ll receive your results immediately upon completion.

What are the benefits from the Chinese Body Type test?
  • It identifies your primary and secondary body types based on the ancient philosophy and modern practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • It helps you understand your health status and its relation to your body type
  • It assesses and informs you of your body’s strengths and weaknesses
  • It recommends effective ways to maintain your wellbeing naturally
  • You will receive a comprehensive Report for your Primary Body Type (10+ pages)
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