Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in high income countries. It is a complex group of diseases with many possible causes and triggers, such as genetics, diet, environmental carcinogens, and unhealthy habits.

The most common forms of cancer in the world are breast, colorectal and lung cancers, contributing to more than 43% of all cases combined.

Preventing Cancer

Although people's risk of getting different types of cancers are to an extent are hereditary, there are many ways to reduce the risk through both engaging in and avoiding certain habits and behaviors.

In fact, research suggests that only about 5 percent of cancers are hereditary. Therefore, our lifestyle choices such as diet choices and exercise levels directly have an affect the chance of getting cancer.

Some habits and behaviors that can reduce the chance of getting cancer include:

○Avoiding tobacco
○Drinking alcohol only in moderation
○Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
○Avoid processed meats

  • What Causes Cancer?

    At the most basic level, cancer essentially occurs when cells grow uncontrollably and do not die. Normally, cells in the body go through a process of growth, division, and death. When cells violate this process, they become abnormal (cancer) cells. Each type has its own special characteristics unique to it, so a more detailed look is required to determine the cause for each different kind of cancer.

    Common causes of cancer:

    ○Environmental carcinogens
    ○Lack of exercise

  • Did you know that...?

    ○About 77% of all cancers are diagnosed in people 55-years or older
    ○Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of cancer in the world causing 22% of cancer deaths
    ○There are over 100 types of cancer; any part of the body can be affected


An Alternative Holistic Approach

Conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy are often destructive and leave the patient in a weakened state, due to a plethora of side effects as the radiation kills healthy cells as well as cancer cells.

At Balance Health, we aim to provide alternative treatments that support conventional cancer treatments, as well as mitigate side effects. One of our specialties is not only treating the cancer physically, but also treating the mental and emotional effects, allowing you to battle cancer in a stronger, more resilient mental state.The treatments below heal both your body and mind, allowing for a holistic cancer recovery.

  • TCM

    chinese medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that there is a natural balance in the body which allows it to be in an optimal state to heal itself and battle diseases.

    Methods such as herbal therapy, diet therapy, and acupuncture can help your body strengthen and allow your immune system to battle cancer more effectively and reduce negative side effects from the more conventional cancer treatments.

  • Homeopathy


    Homeopathy aims to tackle the root causes of diseases to allow the mind and body to repair and restore itself into its natural, healthy state of being. Homeopathic remedies use plants and minerals processed using a special procedure that enhances curing effects to the body.

    The remedies will improve your health and speed up your recovery processes naturally, without side effects and interference with other medicine. Our high quality homeopathic remedies from Germany will help one’s body battle cancer and recover more effectively, while also dealing with the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the cancer battle.

  • Yuen Method

    yuen method

    The Yuen Method is a non-invasive technique based on 5000 years of Chinese Shaolin Temple healing combined with modern western knowledge.

    The Yuen Method allows quickly locating and shifting imbalances/blocks at all levels to improve all facets of your life – weaknesses in your body, mind and spirit will be unveiled and energized into strengths .

    With regards to cancer, the Yuen method can help you build resilience and strength, as well as reduce pain, allowing one to face their battle with cancer with an attitude that lets them battle it effectively. It is highly useful for supporting conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy by helping you prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the journey ahead.

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