Aldo is well know for his Intuitive/Psychic sensitivity, deep insight and healing abilities. He combines these skills with the ancient knowledge of the Tarot & Oracle cards.
Aldo’s compassionate approach to these powerful readings can shine light and clarity into feelings of stuck-ness, feeling bogged down, or confusion in areas of relationships, career, life purpose, health and well being etc. This can greatly assist you in moving forward into new energy, releasing blocks, self sabotage patterns and assisting you on your journey forward.

Do you have an issue that you needs clarity on?

Would you like to receive more information on something important to you?

Do you need to make a descion on something?

Or perhaps just curious about a general reading?

Whether its a serious reading or a more fun reading, Aldo is a Claircognizent, intuitive empath and combines his sensitivity skills and Tarot/Oracle readings to channel information for you.

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