Richard Wickes

Author – “The Dao’s DNA: A Sourcebook for Energy Work”, Heilpraktiker, Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Naturopathy, Licensed Massage Therapist, Expert in Social Energy Work, Esoteric Energy Work and Physical Energy Work Gif Maker 57
Richard Wickes' background further includes certifications in Fascia Digestion Therapy, Fascia Reproduction Therapy, Fascia Osteopathic therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Emotional release. Further, Richard Wickes is a qualified craniosacral therapist, a Yuen method master and practices myofascial release therapy. A new dimension opened to Richard after he met a Daoist Grandmaster in 1989. He devoted himself so he can to learn as much as he could about energy healing or energy medicine as others know. Through the years, he found learned more about Hypnosis, Shamanism and other alternative healing methods like EFT, NLP and even mindfulness. His purpose in life now is to help people on their own journey of self-development and discovery. He is eager to empower people to connect inside. He is also willing to educate and protect people

Trainings Completed

  • 33 years training TaiJi
  • Kung Fu Master
  • Tai Chi (formless)
  • Lineage Taijimen (under the tutelage of Taijimen Lu Jin Chuan)
  • Fascia Therapy
  • Yuen Method Mastery – Trainer
  • EFT and Advanced Psych K


Therapies, Classes & Programmes By the Practitioner Gif Maker 57

TaiJi Energetics

The Energetics of TaiJi focuses on transforming energy to bring a situation into balance as well as activate the creative source of all dimensions of reality in doing so.

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We support you in your journey to HEAL, GROW and FIND BLISS

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” She is a very warm person and she made me feel comfortable before the session”
I like AGLP program at LSE very much. I gained a lot of motivational insights and internationally up-to-date business knowledge, business behavior and good managerial and leadership practices through the program

-John Aung Zaw Oo
Director of Finance, Aung Naing Thitsar Co., Ltd.

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After one treatment my discomfort vanished!
I came to Richard with shoulder pain and after one treatment my discomfort vanished! He is patient, compassionate, knowledgeable and gives 200% to his patients. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone suffering from any physical ailment.

-Davina Harilela

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Within five minutes, he removed the pain.
Even though I did not tell Richard a single thing about my physical problem he picked up on my hip and lower back problem. Within five minutes, he removed the pain from my impinged nerve and released the tension on my hips and lower back with a few simple and painless movements.

-Han Ni Choong

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Richard is absolutely brilliant in what he does and is very professional and I can’t recommend him more highly.


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Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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