Meridian Singing Bowl Meditation

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Activate and tune into your energetic flow within through your meridian pathways. A mindful yet relaxing practice to help with clearing meridian blockages and finding balance within.

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, I firmly believe that we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and feel our best. I have had my fair share of health issues, from gut problems and indigestion, brain fog and burnouts, migraines and severe allergies to a removal of a brain tumour. Despite my best efforts, I could not get myself out of this sluggish situation. I knew that there has to be a better way to bring back my health and wellness. Ever since I discovered the functional medicine approach two years ago, I have not looked back since.
Addressing my chronic health issues in a more holistic, natural and integrative way have allowed me to focus and implement lifestyle changes based on the five-pillars of health. I am especially interested and am currently training in mind-body medicine, such as deep breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation and tapping (EFT) to help my clients create pockets of stillness regularly, even if it is just for 5 minutes a day. I am proud to say that I have reversed many of my symptoms and feel happy, balanced and energised every day!

Event Details
Meridian Singing Bowl Meditation
Venue: Singing Bowl Zentral, Rm 703, 66 Stanley St, Central, Hong Kong

Price: HK$250
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