Balance Health ( is a holistic health provider operating a number of businesses in Hong Kong. Our mission is to leverage the ancient wisdom of Chinese and other alternative medicines to assist people in their journey to health, balance and personal growth. We do this through a number of alternative therapies and treatments, practical and educational health workshops, and holistic wellness classes and events.

Job Description:

Zen Bodytherapy® Practitioner will work together with client to increase mobility, improve posture, and free the body of blockages, tension, and pain.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Create a comfortable environment to work with client.

• Assess posture, overall health, and stress level of client.

• Use Zen Bodytherapy® techniques including hands, movement and breathing to allow the client to make changes.

• Offer client information, postural exercises, and support.

• Follow up with client to answer questions and assess results.

Qualifications Required:

• Advanced training in Anatomy (BS or MS)

• Advanced Zen Bodytherapy® Certification

• 5 years of full time experience

• Reliable and professional behavior

• Well developed communication skills

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Please send your CV to Ms. Chingmay Jo (Practice Manager):