Yuen Method to Strengthen Personal Relations

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The Yuen Method impacts all aspects of our life. Do you often feel the need of improving and deepening your relationships with your family, friends and colleagues? Do you feel like there is still missing inside you that you can’t find despite giving all your efforts to have deep relationships with the people around you? Hence, yuen method helps reassess how your physical body, mind and soul affects and improves your personal relationship.

A system developed by Dr. Kam Yuen, yuen method applies not just to humans, but also to animals and also to spaces like your home, community, country and more. As we are focusing on personal relationships, the method looks at three core components that affect humans; physical body, mind and soul/spirit. Physical body has two divisions – micro (quantum particles, atoms and molecules) and macro (cells, tissues, organs, systems, structures. However, yuen method also goes beyond assessing our physical body. When it says physical, it can also be about your physical space like your home, neighborhood, office and anything that has physical dimension, time and space.

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As for the mind, it has three divisions – conscious, subconscious and unconscious. Lastly, we have the spirit. These core components make up a triad which forms different kinds of energy that influence you namely – physical body & space, mental content, emotional content, psychological content, soul or experiences and psyche.

Is your body strong enough to relate to a certain substance or phenomena or person and vice versa? Is your mental content strong enough to deal with this certain situation? What kind of thoughts, emotions and feelings do you have toward that relationship? How do you behave in the presence or absence of that relationship? Whether it is a relationship with your pet or with your family or with your community, yuen method looks at it from all the different angles or energy that we mentioned above.

The beauty of the yuen method is that it can also be applied even without face-to-face interaction. It is a non-touch method which means that even done remotely, it will produce effective results. The bottomline of this is that with yuen method, you will be able to evaluate how you are relating with and reacting to that relationship in your physical, mind and your core energy levels. The Yuen method will assess your strengths, identify your weaknesses and help you delete your weaknesses that hinder you from having strong relationships with that person, group of people, phenomena, substance and more. By removing or resolving your weaknesses, you will be at your strongest and healthiest in your physical, mind and spirit to deal with that specific relationship.

In our clinical practice, Victor Geronimo guides his clients and helps them be at their strongest point when dealing with their personal relationships. Whether online or face-to-face, Geronimo applies the yuen method to assist people and help them reach their potential by strengthening the triad – physical body, mind and spirit. Learn more about yuen method and how it can deepen your relationships by watching the video below.


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