This Method was created by Sifu Kam Yuen, he gives direct Transmissions with clarity, correct physical feeling, perception, intuition and insight through the “Yuen Method”. In depth, he elaborates, is the science of immediate results and it does not require Passion, compassion,inspiration, love,forgiveness,kindness,mindfulness,heart,faith,beliefs nor prayers.

These best mask the problems and provide excuses that problems can’t be resolved. Let’s first resolve the core issues and then it’s your choice if you want, need, or desire to apply any and or, all of the above.

The Yuen Method does not advocate to “help” people, animals and make them more helpless. In line with this, it does not offer hope to trigger more hopelessness.

To continue to perpetuate and resort to emotions (as if “emotions” have the intelligence to resolve issues?) is a disservice to the world. When you are emotional you can’t resolve ANYTHING! Emotions without exception, always distort the truth. This includes positive emotions and thinking.

We will identify how to apply the Yuen Method and what are the accumulative effects of any and all: Emotions, (positive or negative) such as frustration, discouragement, despair, anger, sadness, jealousy, hostility, failures, expectations, experiences, stress, anxiety, or pain (Physical and non) will be deleted immediately on the spot! And without any effort or difficulties, so that from now on you will only have new singular emotions or experiences to resolve. This can be done both directly and by proxy.

There are no requirements to constitute as practice it is all actions oriented, leading to the desired results.
The Human experience is inclusive of Body, Mind, and spirit and they must be addressed simultaneously, in order to achieve Transformation!

Are you ready?

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