Yuen Method In a Nutshell: The Science of Immediate Results

Imagine yourself or your life as a computer or a laptop that stores tons and tons of files. With all these files on our computer, we can’t be 100 percent sure that all of these are safe. No spams from other people, no promotions and no viruses right? That is how our life is. We have stored files inside us that we can consider as spams and viruses. Those that are unnecessary and can worsen the way we are living our daily lives.

Fears, phobias, hate, limitations, trauma- these are all parts of our daily life. Especially today that we are living in a fast-paced world, we cannot escape pain, imbalances and negative influences. They normally start small but before we know it, they are affecting a great part of our life.

Who might not want to get rid of these negativities at once and immediately? Thanks to Chinese medicine, we have a solution for you. Here is the YUEN METHOD in a nutshell. Let’s explore this approach and learn why it is called the science of immediate results.

The Yuen Method
Yuen method is a non-invasive approach created by Dr. Kam Yuen, an experienced doctor of chiropractic and Shaolin Kung Fu Grand Master. The main purpose for creating this method is to improve all the aspects of your life by locating and removing the negative influences that are causing imbalances in your energy flow immediately. When we say immediately, we mean instantly, just in seconds.

So how does the yuen method work? What are the conditions that it can help us with?

Before we start with the discussion of the method, let’s be clear, the yuen method is not a treatment, cure, healing nor therapy. It is a principle that is applied to eliminate the root cause of imbalances in our energies. This method is effective to immediately improve our health, fitness, relationship, career and aging..

The yuen method can be done anytime and anywhere. It does not need for you and the practitioner to be at the same place. It can be done through direct contact or even through a virtual session. No long stories needed for it to be done. It can be done by asking and answering even just one question. Less hassle with results in an instant.

For it to be effective, it is important to do it with an experienced yuen method practitioner. The approach works by identifying the negative energies of the person and where are these located. Are the energies in the physical body (the person itself or home, office, etc.), mind (conscious, subconscious and unconscious) or in the spirit? Are these energies physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic or spiritual? 

Once these questions are answered and the root cause is identified, the yuen method will remove them. Imagine them in a computer setup. We identify the bad programs or bad files, locate it and then delete all of it. That is how the yuen method works. 

Balance Health has yuen method practitioners to help you improve your life immediately. Watch expert Victor Geronimo’s video and learn more about the yuen method in a nutshell. 

Contact us and change your life today!


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